year is 2019

Before Bonding Period[edit]

  • Create a Simple Qt Ui for a CAD software (no functionalities)
  • Built from sources and run
  • Learnt some Tcl/Tk
  • Studied a CoreInterfaces
  • Studied and made modifications to RT^3 Qt project

Bonding Period[edit]

May 21[edit]

Coding Period[edit]

May 27 - May 31[edit]

  • I am trying to understand how things are happening in BRL-CAD. Things aren't very easily understandable. So I am doing things like breaking and studying the function call stack to understand what happens underneath. I need to do this because I believe I should implement displaying of geometry first since the existing thing in RT^3 project (ray tracing) is not sufficient even for development.
  • Now understand how different DMs display Vlists using OpenGL or Window system methods.
  • I'm studying Vlist creation.

June 1[edit]

  • Vlist obtained for a single solid in RT^3 project

June 2[edit]

  • Added QOpenGLWidget to the application. Line creation is not straight-forward like in the earlier OpenGL version which existing OpenGL DMs use in BRL-CAD. glBegin and glEnd are have been deprecated and now removed in QOpenGLWidget. Studying the new method.
  • Added the deprecated component QGLWidget instead of QOpenGLWidget since the later doesn't support the methods used in BRL-CAD.
  • Studied OpenGL API

June 3[edit]

  • Implemented displaying an object on the QGLWidget using wireframes

June 4[edit]

  • Experimented with some keyboard controls to move around in the scene

June 5[edit]

  • Abandoning ft_plot, need to implement Facetize.
  • Obtained NonManifoldGeometrys for a db.

June 6[edit]

  • Working on trying to use Facetize for DM.

June 8-14[edit]

  • No implementations, following qt tutorials.

June 15[edit]

  • Laptop broke
  • I learnt some AutoCAD during the days my laptop wasn't working.

June 23[edit]

  • Started a new project QtNewGUI rather than doing the QtGUI as per Daniel's suggestion.
  • Started creating toolbox. (still can't work in my laptop well)

June 24[edit]

  • Got laptop repaired.
  • Added GraphicsViewOpenGL and placed it as the central widget.

June 25[edit]

  • Opening DB, displaying geometry names in Objects list.
  • Tried to configure BRL-CAD for windows (either of VS or Clion) failed.

June 26[edit]

  • Geometry is displayed in QtNewGUI graphics screen now.
  • Tried to configure BRL-CAD for windows (either of VS or Clion) failed.

June 27[edit]

  • Saving database to a file.
  • Tried to configure BRL-CAD for windows (either of VS or Clion) failed.