Object-oriented interfaces

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The Geometry Service Project aims to restructure the geometry management services within BRL-CAD and provide a new user interface. As part of these efforts BRL-CAD's core C++ interface should become a self-contained object-oriented interface to BRL-CAD's geometry kernel, hence the Geometry Engine. With that, the C++ interface would be a canonical API for external applications, interfaces to other programming languages, etc.. That's why it is included in the brlcad.dll (and its SDK): Easy distribution of BRL-CAD functionality to MS Windows programs.

The C++ interface already provides access to the 3 database types read-only, write-on-change and in-memory. The last one provides the usual "load -> change -> save" behavior for applications. Additionally objects for most of the simple primitives and combinations are included too.

Possible tasks are

  • Implement the C++ core classes for the remaining primitives
  • ...



  • Familiarity with C/C++