BRL-CAD's core C++ interface

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Application Domain[edit]

The C++ interface is a object oriented API to BRL-CAD's core libraries around librt. The target users are developers of applications which use BRL-CAD libraries.

Furthermore, this interface should be a good reference to the use of BRL-CAD's standard C interface, although a higher level interface should also be available.


The interface should be self-contained[edit]

I.e., source code using this interface should not need to include any other BRL-CAD header file (nor TCL, openNURBS, ...).

As a consequence, the interface will hide implementation details. Therefore the implementation can be changed without affecting an application using this interface.

Main Classes[edit]


The ConstDatabase class provides a handle to read-only database content.

If it is associated with a file the file will be opened read-only. I.e. multiple instances of this class can refer to the same file.


The Database class is a virtual class which declares a handle to a writable database. It is derived from ConstDatabase and expanded by methods to modify the database's content.


The FileDatabase class provides a handle to writable file-based database derived from Database.


The MemoryDatabase class provides a handle to writable in-memory database derived from Database.


The Object class is the base class of all database objects (e.g. primitives etc.).