MGED CMD killtree



killtree <objects>


List of Valid BRL-CAD objects

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "killtree" command deletes the specified objects from the current database and recursively deletes all objects referenced by any of those objects. If one of the objects listed is a combination, then that combination as well as any objects that are members of that combination will be deleted. If a member of that combination is itself a combination, then all of its members will also be destroyed. This continues recursively until the primitive shapes are reached and destroyed. Note that the objects are killed immediately. There is no need for a "write file" command in MGED, and there is no "undo" command. Use this command with extreme caution.


mged> killtree group1 region2 shapeb
Destroy group1, region2, and shapeb and remove all references to these objects from the database

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