Google Code In/2017/Tasks

Dashboard for Ideas for the Google Code In 2017[edit]


  • Coder (C/C++)
  • Web Coder (Javascript/HTML)
  • Modeler
  • Writer

Beginner tasks[edit]

These require absolutely no prior experience or knowledge.

  • Anyone: Download and run BRL-CAD (via VM), submit screenshot
  • Anyone: Communications checklist: chat, mailing list, survey
  • Coder: Compile BRL-CAD from source, submit screenshot
  • Web Coder: Clone BRL-CAD website or OGV, submit screenshot
  • Modeler: Model a cup, submit model
  • Writer: Blog about any task, submit link
  • Annotate a primitive: Submit screenshot

Task chain ideas[edit]

These would take us more than 2 hours, to be broken up into multiple tasks.

  • C: OpenCL pipelining
  • Qt/C++: openscad-style asc-to-display GUI
  • C: Boolean evaluation debugging
  • Javascript: OGV
  • ThreeJS/Verb: OGV Nurbs
  • C: Layer object callbacks
  • C: Annotation object callbacks
  • C/C++: libbu C++11 threading
  • C/C++: primitive unit tests (ProcDBs)
  • Docbook/XML: primitive guide
  • Qt/C++: New visualization GUI
  • C: point cloud object callbacks
  • C/C++: appleseed integration
  • C: Boolean weaving unit tests
  • Docs: geometry URI specification
  • C: image object callbacks
  • C: libged plugin refactoring
  • Qt/C++: geometry viewer
  • Docbook/XML: datum docs
  • HTML/CSS: website integration
  • C/C++: stand-alone geometry viewer GUI
  • C: Centroid/Volume/Surf_area
    • BRL-CAD Viewer: (Task 1) Open a simple GLFW window from the source
    • BRL-CAD Viewer: (Task 2) Write a program that opens geometry, executes db_walk_tree(), and gets a bounding box.
    • BRL-CAD Viewer: (Task 3) Print out the bounding box center point into the GUI
    • BRL-CAD Viewer: (Task 4) Display wireframes, regions on to the window.

Independent task ideas[edit]

These should take one of us 2-4 hours of effort to complete.

  • Model and render the number "404"
  • Model and render the word "BRL-CAD"
  • Model and render the BRL-CAD logo