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in [-f] [-s] new_shape_name shape_type <parameters>


Optional. Does not draw solid.
Optional. Send solid to Solid Edit Mode after creation.
Name for new shape.
Valid Shape Type
Parameters required for defining new shape.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "in" command allows the user to type in the arguments needed to create a shape with the name new_shape_name of the type shape_type. The command may be invoked with no arguments, and it will prompt the user for all needed information. The -s option will invoke the primitive edit mode on the new shape immediately after creation. The -f option does not draw the new shape, and therefore the -s option may not be used in conjunction with -f. The possible values for shape_type are:

  • arb8 -- ARB (eight vertices).
  • arb7 -- ARB (seven vertices).
  • arb6 -- ARB (six vertices).
  • arb5 -- ARB (five vertices).
  • arb4 -- ARB (four vertices).
  • arbn -- Arbitrary polyhedron with arbitrary number of vertices (plane equations).
  • bot -- Bag of Triangles.
  • dsp -- Displacement Map.
  • pipe -- Pipe (run of connected pipe or wire).
  • ebm --Extruded Bit Map.
  • vol --Voxels.
  • hf -- Height Field deprecated, see dsp.
  • ars -- Arbitrary Faceted Solid.
  • half -- Half Space.
  • sph -- Ellipsoid (center and radius).
  • ell -- Ellipsoid (center and three semi-axes).
  • ellg -- Ellipsoid (foci and chord length).
  • ell1 -- Ellipsoid (center, one semi-axis, and a radius of revolution).
  • tor -- Torus.
  • tgc -- Truncated General Cone (most general TGC).
  • tec -- Truncated General Cone (top radii are scaled from base radii).
  • rec -- Truncated General Cone (right elliptical cylinder).
  • trc -- Truncated General Cone (truncated right circular cone).
  • rcc -- Truncated General Cone (right circular cylinder).
  • box -- ARB (vertex and three vectors).
  • raw -- ARB (right angle wedge).
  • rpp -- ARB (axis aligned rectangular parallelepiped).
  • rpc -- Right Parabolic Cylinder.
  • rhc -- Right Hyperbolic Cylinder.
  • epa -- Elliptical Paraboloid.
  • ehy -- Elliptical Hyperboloid.
  • eto -- Elliptical Torus.
  • part -- Particle.


mged> in new1 raw 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0
Create an ARB named new1 in the form of a right angle wedge.

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