picket_fence — Creates a BRL-CAD .g file containing picket fences.


picket_fence [filename] [prefix] [height] [spacing] [x0] [y0] [z0] [...] [xn] [yn] [zn] [-r]


picket_fence creates a geometry file in filename of a picket fence. All parameters for the fence are in mm. If more than two points are specified, it will generate a fence with multiple sections connecting the points. Parts of the fence are created starting at the origin. The two backing boards are created in the negative x halfspace. The pickets are created in the positive x halfspace and translated down the y-axis to their proper positions. The entire segment is then rotated and translated to the position specified by the user. To create a box of fence with the pickets on the outside, the points must be specified in a counter-clockwise order. Parts of the model are named according to the format


The <prefix> above is the second argument to the program. The spacing parameter specifies the amount of space (in mm) between pickets. The -r option specifies round fronts for the pickets.


Example 1. picket_fence Example

picket_fence fence.g Imy 2000 15 0 0 0 100 6000 0

Creates an example fence two meters high and six meters long with fifteen millimeter spaces between the pickets. "Imy" will be used as a name prefix for the mged objects. The fence will be started at the origin and be stretched out to (100,6000,0).




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