lc — Lists codes (i.e. region attributes) 'region_id', 'material_id', 'los', 'region name', 'region parent' within a group or combination.


lc [ -d | -s ] [-r] [-z] [ -0 | -1 | -2 | -3 | -4 | -5 ] [ -f { FileName }] {GroupName}


The 'lc' command lists a set of codes (i.e. attributes) of regions within a group/combination. Listed in columns are the following: 'region_id', 'material_id', 'los', 'region name', 'region parent'. If a value is unset, it is reported as '--'.



Specifies to list only one region with each 'region_id'.


Specifies to list only one region with each combination of 'region_id', 'material_id' and 'los'. In addition to the output of '-d', it lists those cases where 'region_id' is the same but 'material_id' and/or 'los' are different.


Remove regions from the list in which their parent is a region and the region is subtracted within the parent. The '-r' option can be combined with any other option.


Specifies descending (z-a) sort order.

-0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5

Specifies sort column 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (referring to columns listed in the description of this command); 1 is default. If 0 is specified, the regions are listed in the order in which they are stored, but this will be overridden if -d or -s is used, because of the sorting which needs to be done when either of those options is used.

-f FileName

Identifies output should be to a file and specifies the file name. If the path is not included as part of the 'FileName' the path will be the 'current directory'.




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