edcomb — Allows the user to modify the attributes of a combination.


edcomb {combname} [regionflag region_id air_code los material_id]


Allows the user to modify the attributes of a combination. The combname is the name of the combination to be modified. The regionflag controls whether the combination is identified as a region - supplying either R or 1 for the regionflag indicates that the combination is a region; to indicate the combination is NOT a region simply supply any other character (C or 0 are useful conventions here.) If the region flag is not being set, then the remainder of the attributes are ignored. However, the edcomb command requires that something is supplied for those arguments in order to work - so if using edcomb to turn off the region flag on a combination simply supply 0 for each of the remaining arguments to edcomb. If the region flag is being set, then the region_id, aircode, los, and material_code are set according to the arguments supplied.


The first example shows the use of the edcomb command with the R flag (region) added along with the region_id, air_code, los and material_code. The second example shows how to unset the region flag for a particular combination.

Example 1. Make a combination a region having specific attributes.

mged> edcomb comb1 R 1001 0 50 8

Makes comb1 a region and set its ident to 1001, its air code to 0, its los to 50, and its material code to 8.

Example 2. Unset a region flag for a particular combination.

mged> edcomb comb1 C 0 0 0 0

Unsets the region flag for combination comb1.




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