sun-pix — convert Sun bitmaps from screendump(1) into pix(5) or bw(5) raster image


sun-pix [-b ] [-H ] [-i ] [-P ] [-v ] [-C ] [sun.bitmap]


sun-pix is a program to take Sun bitmap files created with Sun's screendump(1) command, and convert them to a pix(5) format file. If the -b flag is specified, a bw(5) format file is created instead. Note that sun-pix will refuse to write to a terminal; its output must be redirected unless it's invoked with the -H flag. The dimensions of the input file are the dimensions of the output file, and use of the -H flag will cause the image size to be printed without further processing of the input, or generation of any other output; the image size is output as a pair of command line options (i.e., -w1152 -n900) suitable for use with other brlcad(1) tools such as pix-fb(1). When the -v flag is specified, all the fields of the header are printed on stderr, to aid debugging. Note that the "encoded" format is not supported.

Specifying the -i flag will invert the sense of a one-bit wide input image, i.e., exchanging black for white. The default Sun image is black print on white background; the -i flag will give a white image on black background, which is often better for purposes of creating overlays to be composited with pixmerge(1) on top of color images.

The -P flag indicates that the input is a pure bitmap with no Sun-style header on it. The first bit to be processed will be the most significant bit (MSB), i.e., the left-most bit in the byte.

The -C flag indicates that the color map is to be output.

Note that the input file is expected to be in Sun ("network") byte order (i.e., "big-endian", with byte 0 on the left), regardless of the byte order of the machine running this program.


24-bit images are not supported yet.


brlcad(1), pix-fb(1), pixmerge(1), pix(5), bw(5)




This software is Copyright (c) 1989-2016 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


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