rle-pix — convert Utah Raster Toolkit run-length encoded image to RGB pixel format


rle-pix [-cdH ] [-C r/g/b] [-s|S squareoutsize] [-w|W out_width] [-n|N out_height] [ file.rle [file.pix]]


rle-pix decodes a Utah Raster Toolkit Run-Length Encoded (RLE) format file (saved with fb-rle(1), pix-rle(1), or a similar program), converts it into pix(5) format, and writes it to standard out. If file.rle is not specified, standard input is read. rle-pix determines the type and size of the saved file (color or B&W) and acts accordingly.


is the colormap crunch flag. If the crunch flag has been specified and a non-linear colormap is stored in the RLE file, then the colormap is applied to the pixels as they are output. Otherwise, the encoded pixel values are output without being affected by any color map stored in the RLE file.


Debug option; provides a description of the parameters of the saved RLE image on standard error.

-C r/g/b

The background of the image is normally set to the value recorded in the RLE file. This option permits the user to specify an alternate background color as slash separated decimal numbers in the range of 0 to 255, one each for the red, green, and blue channels.

-w|W out_width

This sets the output width.

-n|N out_height

This sets the output height.

-s|S squareoutsize

This sets the output width and output height to the same value.


Print only the header.


Name of file to decode, in RLE format.


Optional name of file to store PIX image in.


rle-pix tank.rle tank.pix


brlcad(1), fb-rle(1), fb-rle(1), pix-fb(1), rle-pix(1), pix(5)


Michael John Muuss


This software is Copyright (c) 1989-2016 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to <>.