proe-g — Pro/Engineer Translator (Pro/Engineer to BRL-CAD)


proe-g [-darS ] [-i initial_ident] [-I constant_ident] [-m material_code] [-u reg_exp] [-x RT_DEBUG_FLAG] file.brl file.g


proe-g converts the specified file.brl to a BRL-CAD file.g file. The -d option prints debugging information. The -a option implies that all the parts in the Pro/E model should be converted to BRL-CAD air regions. The -i option sets the starting ident number for the regions created. As each new region is created, this number will be incremented before assigning the next ident number (conflicts with -I ). The -I option sets a constant ident number that will be assigned to all the regions created (conflicts with -i ). The -m option sets a material code that will be assigned to all the regions created (default is 1). The -r flag indicates that the model should not be rotated, translated, or scaled, but left in the same orientation and size as it was created in Pro/E. This allows the user to convert parts that are referenced by previously converted assemblies, so that the transformation matrix in the referencing assembly will size and position the part. The -x option sets an RT debug flags (see raytrace.h). The file.brl file is expected to be output from the BRL-CAD menu option of the Pro/Engineer EXPORT menu. This menu option is a Pro/Develop application produced by the USARL.

Note that the routine documented here is obsolete, and only maintained for compatibility with older versions of Pro/Engineer. The current method of converting from Pro/Engineer to BRL-CAD is still a two step process, but a newer Pro/Toolkit application must be installed (see “install.doc” in the “pro-engineer” directory of the BRL-CAD distribution). From within Pro/Engineer, the “proe-brl” option must be selected from the “File” menu, and the user will be prompted for an output file name, a starting ident number, a maximum tessellation error, and an additional curvature correction. The output from this new routine, is a Tcl script that may be converted to a BRL-CAD model using “asc2g” or by sourcing the file during an MGED session.


$ proe-g sample.brl sample.g


Pro/Engineer Modeling User's Guide, Version 13.0, Parametric Technology Corporation


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