pix-png — convert a BRL-CAD PIX format image to a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format image


pix-png [-a] [-g gamma] [-n file_height] [-w file_width] [-s squaresize] [-o PNG_file] [PIX_file] [> PNG_file]


pix-png converts a BRL PIX(5) format file to a PNG format file on the standard output. The PNG file created will be an RGB file with a bit-depth of 8 and a file gamma of 1.0.

PIX image files do not contain information about their size. The size of the input PIX image file must be specified if the dimensions are not the default 512x512 size.



autosize the input file to determine file image height and width

-g gamma

sets the specified gamma correction value into the created PNG file. A value of 0.6 is a close approximation of PC display monitors. A negative gamma value disables writing a gAMA chunk out entirely (and is the default).

-n file_height

tells pix-png that the input is file_height scanlines tall

-w file_width

tells pix-png that the input is file_width pixels wide

-s squaresize

sets both the width and the height for the input to be squaresize

-o PNG_file

tells pix-png to write image data to the specified PNG_file output file. The pix-png command will not write out binary image data directly to a terminal device as a safeguard.


brlcad(1), png-pix(1), pix-fb(1), pix(5)




This software is Copyright (c) 1998-2016 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to <>.