pix-bw — combine pix color planes into a bw black and white image


pix-bw [-s squaresize] [-w width] [-n height] [ [-e ntsc|crt] [ [ -R r_weight] [ -G g_weight] [ -B b_weight] ] ] [-o] [ [<]in.pix] >


pix-bw will combine or select the color planes of a pix(5) format file from its standard input and produce a black and white bw(5) file on its standard output.

The -w file_width flag specifies the width of each scanline in the input file, in pixels. The -n file_height flag specifies the height in scanlines of the input file. They are set to the same value using -s squarefilesize.

By default all three colors are weighted equally. The -e type flag can be used to specify a standard weighting scheme; the type choices include:


weighting used is based on the NTSC primaries and the D6500 alignment white.


weighting scheme used will be for "typical" CRT phosphor chromaticities and the D6500 white.

Individual color plane(s) can be selected via the -R#, -G#, and -B# options. The value used with each flag will be treated as a weight to be applied to that color.

If 0 is supplied by the user for weights, then the weights assigned are 1.0 divided by the number of colors selected.


pix-bw -R0.0 -B0.0 < file.pix >

will equally blend the red and blue color planes; because -G is omitted, the green color plane is not considered. (Had "-G0.0" been included in this example, the three colors would have been weighted equally, as in the default condition.)

pix-bw -R0.30 -G0.59 -B0.11 < file.pix >

has the same effect as the -ntsc flag. [The -crt weights are: 0.26, 0.66, 0.08]


brlcad(1), pix-bw3(1), bw-pix(1), pix(5), bw(5)




This software is Copyright (c) 1989-2016 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


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