g-tankill — TANKILL Translator (BRL-CAD to TANKILL)


g-tankill [-v ] [-P dummy_arg] [-xX lvl] [-i idents_file] [-s surroundings_code] [-a abs_tol] [-r rel_tol] [-n norm_tol] [-o tankill_file] database.g object(s)


g-tankill converts the specified object(s) from a BRL-CAD database.g file to the TANKILL format. The tankill_file represents each object as a series of triangular faces. This converter creates a region for each object ident number by unioning together all the objects with the same ident number. The -x option specifies a LIBRT debug flag, and the -X option specifies an NMG-Library debug flag. The -a , -r , and -n options specify tessellation tolerances. The -o option specifies the name of the file to receive the output (stdout is the default). The -i option specifies that ident numbers should be assigned sequentially rather than using the idents assigned in the BRL-CAD model. (A list of the regions and the assigned idents are written to idents_file along with the BRL-CAD ident number, aircode, gift material code, los, and any material name assigned through the mater command.) The -s option specifies that the provided surroundings code should be used for all the components in the TANKILL output model. (The default is to use a surroundings code of 1000.) The -v option is for verbose mode. The -P option is to enable core dumps (dummy argument is for number of processors, currently disabled).


$ g-tankill -o sample.tankill sample.g sample_object


Error messages are intended to be self-explanatory.




This software is Copyright (c) 1992-2016 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


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