g-acad — Convert from BRL-CAD format to Lockheed Martin's ACAD format


g-acad [-vi ] [-xX lvl] [-e error_file] [-D calculation_tolerance] [-a abs_tol] [-r rel_tol] [-P number_of_CPUs] [-n norm_tol] [-o ACAD_file] database.g object(s)


g-acad converts the specified object(s) from a BRL-CAD database.g file to the in-house Lockheed Martin's Advanced Computer-Aided Design (ACAD) file format (formerly the General Dynamics ACAD file format). This converter has NOT connected with Autodesk Inc.'s AutoCAD file format. The -x option specifies an RT debug flag and the -X option specifies an NMG debug flag. The -a , -r , and -n options specify tessellation tolerances. The -D option specifies a calculational distance tolerance (mm). Any two vertices that are less than this distance apart will be treated as the same vertex. The -v option requests verbose output. The -i option requests the output file units to be inches (the default is mm). The -o option specifies the name of the file to receive the output (stdout is the default). The -e option specifies a file for receiving the error messages. The -P option specifies the number of CPU's to be used, and also turns on a flag to enable the receiving of core dumps.


$ g-acad -o sample.ACAD sample.g sample_object


Error messages are intended to be self-explanatory.




This software is Copyright (c) 1997-2016 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


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