User:MeShubham99/GSoc15/OGV production ready plan


Shall Consist of the TODO list for making Online Geometry Viewer, production ready at the end of GSoC'15

  • community-bonding/before-coding period

find bugs
find resources for problem solving


  • oAuth module and bug-free login system [DONE]

There should be not one problem in the login process. The user should login through facebook and google IDs (even github, twitter if asked for).
Forget-Password is not working.
(1 week)

  • Camera position for better viewing [DONE]

Will include work on model-view, making it optimal and better for user to view models in any way possible.
Configure threeJS for better and easy viewing.
Enable movement through model and not just a zoom in zoom out movement.
Enable editing configurations.
(1 week)

  • edit model [DONE]

rename, delete, change thumbnail options for models.
(3-4 days)

  • Basic Viewer functionality up to the mark

We will move on to enable the user to upload other 3D files as well. But first we need to ensure that there are no issues in the *.g files whatsoever.
Some *.g files are not being uploaded. Need to check on that.
TODO: Add color attributes to object file (1 week)

  • Add feedback system [DONE]

Just so that the user can send the developer feedback and report bugs directly while using the web-app.
(2-3 days)

  • Deploy the web-app

(~10 days)

  • Enable model tagging [DONE]

Try to join uploaded and shared model with tags for searching purposes. The way youtube enables the user to add tags to their videos.
See these:
(1 week)

  • Search models and users [DONE]

Enable model searching through name, tag-name, date-time, uploader.
(1 week)

  • Users can follow other users [DONE]

Users can follow other users and can get notified of their work/activity.
(2 weeks)

  • enhanced dashboard and profile pages for user: backend [DONE]

Dashboard/landing page after login: Will be more like a notification center for the user. Activity of the user he/she follows, search options etc.
Profile page: I thought it must look like the one like behance profiles. Details of user on the left and his uploads/models on the right.
(1 week)