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Working Schedule[edit]

upto June 17 (Analysis and Design Period)[edit]

  • Exploring the code.
  • Make a short rough bio about each tool - the way they work.
  • Find the Image Processing functionalities used in them. Look at duplication in the functionalities.
(5-10 tools/day depending on varied length.
  • Preparation of rough ideas of each functionalities and the way they will be implemented with additional improvements in usability.
  • Discuss with mentor and other developers about the final plan for the design of the library. This includes :
    • the possible formats to be supported (In addition to the already started in include/icv.h)
    • Addition of Different functionalities and there usability improvements.
    • Discussion about common groups identified for different functionalities.
  • Learning usage from BRLCAD libraries like common.h libbu libbio

At the end of this period : A finalized plan to proceed for the development of the library.

June 17 - Sep 2 (Development Phase)[edit]

June 17 - July 1 [~2 Week][edit]

  • Implementation of various Structures of the new library
  • Deciding about the functions to be included in different files based on categories.
  • Deciding the input parameters and return type of each function.
  • Identify error handling in each Function.
  • Witting Documentation of all the structures included. PDF+Wiki
  • Creating Patches all together.

July 1 - Aug 12 [~6 Week][edit]

  • Implementation of image processing functionalities focusing on categories identified during project analysis period.
  • Enough Time is allotted to this to follow up the implementation as decided during analysis step.
  • Implementation of 3-4 functions a week which includes unit-level testing and code coverage.
  • Documentation of the functions including input output arguments/methods etc.

To implement the image processing functionalities common groups have been identified details of which are given at .Further these groups have varied implementation load, Thus to balance the load for a particular following weekly plan has been chalked in.

Sub Division[edit]

  • WEEK-1
    • Crop or Rect (GROUP#1)
    • Differences and other arithmetic operations (GROUP#2)
  • WEEK-2
    • Filters, (GROUP#3)
  • WEEK-3
    • Histograms and Equalizations (GROUP#4)
    • Stats (GROUP#6)
  • WEEK-4
    • Scale or Shrink (GROUP#5)
    • Interpolate/Decimate (GROUP#8)
  • WEEK-5
    • Thresh (GROUP#7)
    • Background and Border (GROUP#9)
  • WEEK-6
    • Reserved Week

Aug 12 - Sept 2 [~3 Week]=[edit]

  • Implimentation of Import/Export Modules.
  • Testing these Modules.
  • Documentation of these modules

Sep 2 - Sep 27 (Final Wrap UP and Cleaning)[edit]

Sep 2 - Sep 9 [~1 Week][edit]

  • Code Cleaning
  • System Level testing for the library.
  • Giving final structure to the documentation.

Sep9 - Sep16 [~1 Week][edit]

  • Creating Demos For each functionality and Final cleaning

Sep 16 - Sep 27 [~1 Week][edit]

  • Performance Analysis using gprof for different data.
  • Final code submission with Google.