At the midst of coding period for my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project titled "Python Geometry : Python Bindings for BRL-CAD Geometry", I will be crossing an important checkpoint viz. Midterm Evaluation. This is prescribed by GSoC time-line and students are expected to showcase the completion of deliverables.

My project was aimed at wrapping brlcad primitives in python contributing to an ongoing effort of python-brlcad. I am in line with schedule and have completed the wrapping of various major primitives.

Among the difficulties I had, the major was to accommodate to a vast C-repository. BRL-CAD C-repository is unique of its own kind. My mentors with organization have been supportive and patient while solving the problems I had during the current assignment.

During the proposal I have designed my project time-line such that the first phase included wrapping major primitives and the second phase after midterm evaluation included wrapping of parts of BREP primitive.

This project have been a good learning experience. I have managed to learn different aspects of software engineering effectively including simple things like VCS, how two different languages talk, working with different memory management techniques and also most importantly working with a very old but still maintained core c-repository.