About Me[edit]

  • Name:Kesha Shah


  • IRC nickname: kesha_

Brief background[edit]

  • I am an 18 year girl studying in second year undergraduate course in Information and Communication Technology from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology(DA-IICT), India.
  • Academically, I had topped my province in Higher Secondary School and got awarded from Chief Minister. I have been university topper in 2 semesters out of 3 having highest CGPA (9.58/10) till date.
  • Besides that, I love participating in various competitions ranging from poetry writing, drawing, singing to various coding contests.
  • I love computers and I have been a very curious and adventurous kid fond of exploring new things and learning new technologies.

Knowledge and Interests[edit]

  • Programming Languages:
    • C, C++, Java, Python
  • Web-Technologies:
    • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Build Tool:
    • cmake
  • Version Control:
    • Git, SVN (Recently)
  • Application Development IDEs:
    • Eclipse, Qt, Visual Studio
  • Operating System:
    • Linux, Windows
  • Mobile Technology:
    • Android App Development
  • My interest lies in system software programming, and I have had courses including System Software, Data Structures and Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, UTC + 05:30
  • Blog: (not a regular blogger !)

Google Summer Of Code 2013[edit]

My preparation for the Project:[edit]

  • Joined IRC channel #brlcad
  • I have mailed in the mailing list of BRL-CAD talking about my interests and planning for near future.
  • Surfed through previous year projects where I found one similar project. I am also in contacting with that candidate who would guide me and share her experience with me.
  • Cloned the source-code into my system.
  • Opened some src files, saw some codes and found huge cod repition over there. *As my first step, I had modified the file /src/libbn/plot3 and reduced some amount of code.
  • I didn't have previous experience with SVN version control system. Made an account on and submitted my first patch.
  • Two very basic simple patches till now-
  • Looked through project ideas list and found two ideas quite interesting- one related to refactoring the source of BRL-CAD and other source of STEP library.
  • Went through issues of STEPcode on github.
  • Due to the burden of final exams I am afraid that I couldn't work to my maximum potential till 30th April. But from 1st May to May 3rd, I am planning to submit some more patches to show my work.

Projects and Priorities:[edit]

I am planning to submit three proposals and the priorities with which I want to get engaged in summer are as follows-

Priority 1: "Code Reduction and Refactoring for Reduced Maintenance Cost"[edit]

  • This was the project which first caught my eyes and I was attracted towards working with BRL-CAD. I looked at the files in source folder and was able to understand it to quite a good extent. I am highly confident about this project that I can contribute the best in me in this domain.

Priority 2: "STEP Libraries"[edit]

  • Being frank, I came in contact with STEP a few days ago when I was going through Converting Geometry and Exchange of CAD data between different software packages. This project deals with improving code libraries in terms of performance and maintenance and needs to be documented. I am also planning to include some BRL-CAD wiki pages as it lacks a detailed one now.

Priority 3: "STEP AP242 Parser"[edit]

  • I think this project can give me a great learning opportunity. Right now I am trying to compile and understand file-wise how the current hardwired AP203 is being currently parsed. I am yet in the pre-development planning phase for this project, I will be updating it on the wiki page.

Development Logs[edit]

This are my Development Logs Till Date