Development Logs[edit]

Community Bonding Period[edit]

  • Explored the Qt's documentation for different shortcuts declaration styles.
  • Made myself comfortable with Qt Programming[By following tutorials].
  • Cleaned the code for an existing PR on Shortcut Configuration

Coding Period[edit]

  • June 1-June 7:
    • Complete GUI Form [continued work from Bonding Period]
    • Add the GUI in preferences.
    • Made the GUI Functional and interactive
    • Added the support for writing the shortcuts to config-file.
  • June 8-June 14:
    • Code Cleaning
    • Add Seach-Box in GUI
    • Made search efficient.
  • June 15-June 21:
    • Add more functionality, like reset to defaults
    • Got first feedback
    • Worked on feedback changes
  • June 22 - June 28:
    • Changed existing QShortcuts to QActions
    • Minor fixes