Development Logs[edit]

Community Bonding Period[edit]

  • Explored the Qt's documentation for different shortcuts declaration styles.
  • Made myself comfortable with Qt Programming[By following tutorials].
  • Cleaned the code for an existing PR on Shortcut Configuration

Coding Period[edit]

  • June 1-June 7:
    • Complete GUI Form [continued work from Bonding Period]
    • Add the GUI in preferences.
    • Made the GUI Functional and interactive
    • Added the support for writing the shortcuts to config-file.
  • June 8-June 14:
    • Code Cleaning
    • Add Seach-Box in GUI
    • Made search efficient.
  • June 15-June 21:
    • Add more functionality, like reset to defaults
    • Got first feedback
    • Worked on feedback changes
  • June 22 - June 28:
    • Changed existing QShortcuts to QActions
    • Minor fixes
  • June 29 - July 3:
    • Received good feedback from the mentors.
    • Removed bugs from the GUI like multiple Shortcut Catcher Dialog boxes while searching.
    • Gave special attention towards the undefined behavior due to unassigned pointers, Rule of 0/3/5 inconsistencies.
  • July 4 - July 12:
    • Started Working on the Number-Scroll via mouse feature.
    • Skimmed through the code for the existing Scintilla Editor Code.
    • Wrote the code for handling the mouse wheel events.
    • Stuck on the abrupt jump of the number on scrolling.

[Bug- when I scroll the wheel one time then the wheel event is triggered twice.]

  • July 13- July 19:
    • Talked with mentors regarding the bug.
    • Fixed the bug by installing event filter on the viewport()
    • Added an option to modify the step-size in the Preferences.
  • July 20 - July 26:
    • Encountered a new bug causing abrupt jump of caret while changing the most significant digit.
    • Added an option to choose modifiers in the Preferences.
    • Fixed the bugs.
  • July 27 - July 31:
    • Started working on feedbacks for Number-Scroll PR,
    • Made some changes in the Shortcuts-GUI PR for fixing more bugs, which my mentors bring into the attention.
  • Aug1 - Aug 9 :
    • Fixed anomalous primary shortcut bug.
    • Add appropriate access modifiers to the ShortcutConfigurator Class.
    • Few more GUI enhancements in Shortcuts-GUI like changing column according to search.
    • Started working on Error-Log Feature.
    • Added initial GUI for Error-Log in the form of a Dockable Widget in MainWindow.
    • Add a new output_handler for Error-Log.
  • Aug 10 - Aug 16:
    • Continuous Discussion with mentors and community regarding the need to remove old PRINTB() like macro expansion from the source-code, and replace it with a new LOG() statements.
    • Added a MessageClass for messages of all types in the application and a new LOG() function.
    • Started Replacing the 380+ PRINTB,PRINT,PRINT_DEPRECATION statements with new LOG() statements.

Aug 17 - Aug 23:

    • Continued replacing the old statements with a new one. [Took more than expected, because of my mistake and misinterpretation]
    • Figured out why, echo tests are failing.
    • Worked on the failing tests.

Aug 24 - Present:

    • Finished up the work with failing tests,
    • Implement Jump to Error Location.