Dev Log[edit]

(newest first)

  • July 16: add tests for parsing and authoring
  • July: fix facet constructors
  • July: add ids constructor, fix ids bug
  • July: add facet creation methods
  • July: add ids.to_xml()
  • July: add methods to specification class
  • July: add asdict() to all ids classes
  • July: add location_msg as separate param
  • July: fix imports and move ids_schema outside
  • July: add basic parsing tests
  • July 2nd: add unittest init
  • June: include location (type/inst/any)
  • June: add regex pattern validation
  • June: Merge branch 'v0.6.0' into GSoC#45-IDS-checking
  • June: handle ifc2x3 and 4 …
  • June: ids parse, restrictions …
  • June: add length restriction …
  • June: add bounds restriction
  • June: add bounds restriction
  • June: add enumeration restriction
  • June: fix multiple requirements at a time
  • June: implement material facet …
  • June: implement classification facet
  • June: improve feedback message, added counters and runtime info
  • June: switch from dom to xmlschema …
  • June 8th: Add xmlschema validation
  • May: IDS Add PredefinedType support (#1447) …
  • May: remove debug data
  • May: narrow try-except
  • May: check PredefinedType if exists not based on schema
  • May: code formatting
  • May: skip PredefinedType if not IFC4
  • May: Merge branch 'GSoC#45-IDS-checking' of…
  • May: replace f-string with %
  • May: Merge branch 'v0.6.0' into GSoC#45-IDS-checking