STEP Coverage Test


STEP is the current standard for exchange of CAD data between different software packages. BRL-CAD makes use of the STEPcode project to implement its step-g importer, but there is a lot of work to fully implement the STEP standard. We need test infrastructure.

For this project, you'll create a program that links against STEPcode and generates a STEP output instantiating every entity for a given schema (e.g., AP203, AP214, or AP242). It'd provide a good example of exporting via SDAI and of course a great test file for import.

BRL-CAD's step-g converter will serve as a test harness for the data file being produced by your program.


  • src/other/step
  • src/conv/step


  • Familiarity with being able to link against a 3rd party C/C++ API