MGED CMD xpush




xpush object


Valid BRL-CAD Database Object.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "xpush" command "pushes" the effects of transformation matrices in the paths, from the specified object to the primitive shapes, into the shapes and replaces all the transformation matrices with identity matrices. The push command performs a similar function, but will refuse to make any changes if any shape needs to be transformed into more than one location/orientation/scale. The xpush command will recognize such situations and create extra copies of such shapes to accept the different transformation effects. New shapes created by this command will have a suffix appended to the original name to make the new name unique. Combinations referring to the new shape will also be modified to reflect the name change. The push command performs the same function but will refuse to make any changes if it cannot accomplish the "push" without creating any new shapes.


mged> xpush group1
Move all the effects of the transformation matrices in the tree rooted at group1 down to the shape level (creating new shapes if needed).

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