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permute tuple


Concatenated Vertex list.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "permute" command permutes the vertex labels for the face of an ARB shape that is currently being edited. The tuple indicates which face is affected and also indicates the desired result. The tuple is formed by concating the list of vertex numbers for the face in the order desired such that the first vertex listed will become vertex number one (and therefore the default keypoint). Only a sufficient number of vertices to disambiguate need be included in the tuple. Note that this has no effect on the geometry of the ARB, but may affect any texture mapping involving this shape.


mged> permute 321
Rearrange the vertices of the currently edited ARB such that vertex #3 becomes vertex #1, vertex #2 remains #2, and vertex #1 becomes #3.

See Also[edit]

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