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mater combination [shader_parameters[RGB [inheritance]]]


Combination to have shader values set/adjusted
shader specific parameters
Red Green and Blue color Values. Valid Range: 0-255.
Overrides shader settings in all objects lower in the tree.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "mater" command assigns shader parameters, RGB color, and inheritance to an existing combination. The information may be included on the command line; otherwise the user will be prompted for it. Some available shaders are:

  • bump -- bump maps.
  • bwtexture -- black and white texture maps.
  • camo -- camouflage.
  • checker -- checkerboard design.
  • cloud -- 2D Geoffrey Gardner style cloud texture map.
  • envmap -- environment mapping.
  • fakestar -- a fake star pattern.
  • fbmbump -- fbm noise applied to surface normal.
  • fbmcolor -- fbm noise applied to color.
  • fire -- flames simulated with turbulence noise.
  • glass -- Phong shader with values set to simulate glass.
  • gravel -- turbulence noise applied to color and surface normal.
  • light -- light source.
  • marble -- marble texture.
  • mirror -- Phong shader with values set to simulate mirror.
  • plastic -- Phong shader with values set to simulate plastic.
  • rtrans -- random transparency.
  • scloud -- 3D cloud shader.
  • spm -- spherical texture maps.
  • stack -- allows stacking of shaders.
  • stxt -- shape texture mapping.
  • texture -- full color texture mapping.
  • turbump -- turbulence noise applied to surface normals.
  • turcolor -- turbulence noise applied to color.
  • wood -- wood texture.


mged> mater region1 "plastic {tr 0.5 re 0.2}" 210 100 100 0
Set region1 to use the plastic shader with 50% transparency, 20% reflectivity, a base color of (210 100 100), and inheritance set to 0.

See Also[edit]

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