MGED CMD build region




build_region [-a region_num] tag start_num end_num


[-a region_num]
Append to end of existing Regions
Base Name for regions
Starting Region ID number
Ending Region ID number

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "build_region" command builds a region from existing solids that have specifically formated names based on the provided tags and numbers. The created region will be named "tag.rx", where "x" is the first number (starting from 1) that produces an unused region name. If the -a option is used, then the specified "region_num" will be used for "x." If that region already exists, this operation will append to it. If that region does not exist, a new one will be created. The solids that will be involved in this operation are those with names of the form "tag.s#" or "tag.s#o@", where "#" is a number between start_num and end_num inclusive, "o" is either "u", "-", or "+", and "@" is any number. The operators and numbers coded into the solid names are used to build the region.


mged> build_region abc 1 2
Creates a region named "abc.r1" consisting of: u abc.s1 u abc.s2 + abc.s2+1 - abc.s2-1 provided that the above shapes already exist in the database.

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