MGED CMD arced




arced comb/memb anim_command


matrix rarc <xlate|rot> matrix elements.
Replace the members matrix with the given matrix
matrix lmul <xlate|ro> matrix elements.
Left multiply the members matrix with the given matrix.
matrix rmul <xlate|rot> matrix elements.
Right multiply the members matrix with the given mat

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The objects in a BRL-CAD model are stored as Boolean combinations of primitive shapes and/or other combinations. These combinations are stored as Boolean trees, with each leaf of the tree including a corresponding transformation matrix. The "arced" command provides a means for directly editing these matrices. The first argument to the "arced" command must identify the combination and which member’s matrix is to be edited. The comb/memb argument indicates that member memb of combination comb has the matrix to be edited. The remainder of the "arced" command line consists of an animation command to be applied to that matrix.


mged> arced body/head matrix rot 0 0 45
Rotate member head (in combination body) about the z axis through a 45˚ angle. By default, the matrix commands expect a list of 16 matrix elements to define a matrix. The xlate option may be used along with three translation distances in the x, y, and z directions (in mm) as a shorthand notation for a matrix that is pure translation. Similarly, the rot option along with rotation angles (degrees) about the x, y, and z axes may be used as shorthand for a matrix that is pure rotation.

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