Google Season of Docs/2019


A Beginner’s Guide to BRL-CAD[edit]

Project description[edit]

This project aims at introducing students to the world of BRL-CAD. It is a beginner’s guide so the main focus is on making the reader familiar with this software and getting them started. The project is a step by step tutorial to model a chess set. Since the target audience is high school students, therefore, this project makes sure the students are well-fed with the required information and keeping it simple at the same time.


Here's the documentation produced under the 2019 Google Season of Docs:

Beginner's guide to BRL-CAD PDF icon.png

Summary of the current state of the project[edit]

Currently, the project provides complete documentation to model a chess set. It introduces the new users to the BRL-CAD software and helps them successfully model a chessboard and the chess pieces: Rook, King, Queen, Pawn, Bishop, Knight. The next steps are the preparation of the document in the Docbook/XML format so the PDF and HTML forms can be auto-generated and keep it up to date with development changes.

A list of challenges and learning[edit]

  1. BRL-CAD requires a lot of practice to master. I modeled a lot of shapes to understand the commands so that I can explain them in an easier manner.
  2. Modeling BRL-CAD changed the way I look at designs.
  3. The major challenge I faced was when I tried to model the chessboard and the first chess piece pawn. Mentors helped me improve and then I could model any piece in very less time.
  4. Another challenge I faced was to explain the measurements and dimensions in an easier fashion so that the readers don’t leave confused.
  5. I learned a lot about keeping your readers in mind while writing the doc which is one of the key ingredients for writing anything. I learned this by looking at my mentors.