Google Code In/2019/Tasks


Hi GCI Mentors!

Here's a scratch space for discussing any task or task chain ideas prior to putting them up into the GCI system. We need every mentor to define at least 10 detailed tasks EACH, so please do your part! Please, of course, define more if you can.

As a reminder, non-chain tasks should:

  1. take an experienced core developer 1-2 hours
  2. not require more than the download we have in our beginner task
  3. use plain easy-to-understand titles and language
  4. be for code, web work, 3d modeling, and writing (in roughly that priority)

Task chains are for more complex tasks or "mini-projects". They should:

  1. be completable in less than 10 tasks (est 10-20 hours for a core dev)
  2. be used where there's a new download or compile step (e.g., LibreCAD, FreeCAD)
  3. use this format at the end of the title: (task 1 of 4)

Here's the brainstorming we did last time:

Here's the completed tasks from previous years:

Beginner Task Ideas[edit]

Not doing "roles" this year. That didn't work out well.

  • Download and run BRL-CAD, join chat, submit screenshot
  • Compile BRL-CAD from source, run, submit screenshot
  • Complete first half 3D modeling tutorial series
  • Complete second half of 3D modeling tutorial series

Design Task Ideas[edit]

  • Model a ... in 3D

Code Task Ideas[edit]

Scavenge 1-hour tasks from Scavenge 1-hour tasks from

  • TBD...

Web Task Ideas[edit]

  • TBD...

Writing Task Ideas[edit]

  • TBD...