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Coummunity Bonding Period

  • Set up the Development log
  • Set up the development environment such as OS.
  • Start to look at the different potential libraries code base.
  • Discuss with mentors which external library to choose.


May 16th

  • Start to check the checklist.
    • Agreement sent.
    • Dev log created.
    • My Profile created.

May 17th

  • Had four of my wisdom teeth extracted. The progress for the following week may be slow due to teeth extraction.

May 19th

  • Looking at Coin3D/Dime code base, a possible library for DXF import/export.
    • It has no external dependency.
    • It supports all past and should support the future version of DXF format.
    • It compiles on Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.
    • But it only loads DXF files into Dime object hierarchies and saves Dime object hierarchies as files conforming to DXF format.
    • Seems only support 3D.

May 20th

  • Looking at BRL-CAD DXF import/export code. Trying to understand how it works and see if it is suitable for OpenSCAD.
    • It converts DXF format to .g and .g to DXF which is a BRL-CAD format.
    • It seems that BRL-CAD does not support the entire format, only the part that is relative to solid-model.

May 21st

  • Looking at dxflib which is used by QCAD and works fine, but it only supports 2D which is not ideal since OpenSCAD is already supporting 2D.
    • Maybe we can add the 3D part. But not sure how hard it is to add that.

May 22nd

  • Searching for a library that supports both 3D and 2D DXF import/export.
    • Libraries above are for either 2D or 3D.
    • Found some libraries support both but they are written in python instead of C++.

May 23rd

  • Continue on searching for the potential library.

May 24th

  • Looking at and Compile libdxfrw code base which is used by LibreCAD.
  • Will be out of town for the next two days.

Coding Period

May 27th

  • Looking at both libdxfrw(libdxfrw.h, dxfreader.cpp) and OpenSCAD(,, relative code.
    • Comparing the differences between these two on how they handle DXF data.
    • Trying to form a connection between these two.
    • seems a bit complicated. Need some time to digest.
    • The way that libdxfrw reads DXF file is kind of mixing with DRW code.
    • libdxfrw encounters problems when dealing with elevated arcs(no response yet).[1]
  • Looking at dxflib code base as well.
    • dxflib does not store any entities, only pass supported entities.
    • A useful link for understanding dxflib data structure.[2]

May 28th

  • Move on to reading dxflib code for now
    • Continue reading the link about the data structure of dxflib above.
    • Trying to understand form the connection between dxflib and OpenSCAD code base.
  • Continue reading

May 29th

  • Found another one existing integration with dxflib that I can use it as reference.CAMotics
  • Continue on reading dxflib and,
    • Keep trying to write some code that may help understanding how to integrate the library.
  • Fill out the comparison wiki page

May 30th

  • Had to go the dentist this morning, will catch up the afternoon and at night.
  • Keep browsing for more information for those four libraries.
  • Reading DXF standard to learn how DXF format works

May 31th

  • Searching more information for potential libraries.
    • Add more information that found to the comparison page.
  • Learning how to integrate the library from the instruction written by QCAD.

June 3rd

  • We stick with using BRL-CAD's code for now.
  • Try to implement the circle entity.
    • Add a callback function on dxf-g.c to pass the data back to openSCAD.
    • Add processentitiyecircle() to and some other changes to enable that function.
    • Having some issue with ADDLINE. Will dig into that later.

June 4th

  • Push few commits on import_dxf branch.
    • Basically create a new import_dxf() function that replace the old
    • Implement a simple geometry to test out the function

June 5th

  • Modify the code committed yesterday to output a simple circle.
  • Trying to understand layer, block.

June 6th

  • Created a new branch prototype on brlcadDXF repo.
    • Trying to clean up the code so that it could compile independently.

June 7th

  • Switch some functions and datatype and continue on cleaning up the code.
  • Spend most of my day studying the exam tonight. Will make up the time tomorrow.

June 8th

  • Walked through the whole file line by line and cleaned up as much as I can so far. There are still many details that I need to learn to clean up the rest.

June 10th

  • Made changes to dxf-g.c according to the answer from brlcad.

June 11th

  • fix bu_list with std::list and related functions, etc.

June 12th

  • Add functions for circle eclipse from vmath.h, color.h.

June 13th

  • Added more functions from dependencies.
  • uploaded a file that records to-do list, question, notes, etc.

June 14th

  • few fixes on
  • Study for the midterm tonight for the most of the day will make up the hours tomorrow.

June 15th

  • Finished converting all bu_list data structure to std::list except in one function drawmtext().
    • drawmtext() may be removed later.

June 17th

  • Finished fixing all bu_vert_tree structure.
  • Started on fixing vls a bit.

June 18th

  • Finished fixing all vls except those in the main().

June 19th

  • Finished most of the parts of dxf-g.c.
    • Create a new branch test for testing and commented out some less necessary functions to test.
    • Upload test files from openSCAD testdata/dxf
    • Need to fix the segmentation fault.

June 20th

  • Fixed numbers of segmentation faults mainly caused by malloc.

June 21st

  • Fix strncmp function error
  • Tested with circle, ellipse, failed at block section.
  • Tried to reconstruct block_list, block_head data structure.

June 24th

  • Fix block_list data structure
  • Now can go through the whole dxf file and spit out data to file output
  • Done basic testing with circle, ellipse, polygons, lwpolyline. files from openscad testdata/dxf.
    • Found the correct geometry.
    • coordinates of the vertices are correct.

June 25th

  • Randomly picking files from openscad/testdata/dxf to check geometry and coordinates.
  • Trying to figure out if the data structure is actually storing the correct data.