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(May 16th)
(May 16th)
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==May 16th==
==May 16th==
*Start to check the checklist.
*Start to check the checklist.
*Dev log
**Dev log
*My Profile
**My Profile
==May 17th==
==May 17th==

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Coummunity Bonding Period

  • Set up the Development log
  • Set up the development environment such as OS.
  • Start to look at the different potential libraries code base.
  • Discuss with mentors which external library to choose.

May 16th

  • Start to check the checklist.
    • Dev log
    • My Profile

May 17th

  • Had four of my wisdom teeth extracted. The progress for the following week may be slow due to teeth extraction.

May 18th

  • Rest.

May 19th

  • Looking at Coin3D/Dime code base, a possible library for DXF import/export.
    • It has no external dependency.
    • It supports all past and should support future version of DXF format.
    • It compiles on Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.
    • But it only loads DXF files into Dime object hierarchies and saves Dime object hierarchies as files conforming to DXF format.
    • Seems only support 3D.

May 20th

  • Looking at BRL-CAD DXF import/export code. Trying to understand how it works and see if it is suitable for OpenSCAD.
    • It converts DXF format to .g and .g to DXF which is a BRL-CAD format.

May 21th

  • QCAD is using a nice DXF library, dxflib, but it only supports 2D which is not ideal since OpenSCAD is already supporting 2D.
    • Not sure how hard it is to add the 3D part.

Coding Period