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* Randomly picking files from openscad/testdata/dxf to check geometry and coordinates.
* Randomly picking files from openscad/testdata/dxf to check geometry and coordinates.
* Trying to figure out if the data structure is actually storing the correct data.
* Trying to figure out if the data structure is actually storing the correct data.
===June 26th===
* Trying to extract data from the data structure to test if it's reading correct data.
** For circle, extract cirlce_pts.
** For line, extract line_pts.
** For lwpolyline, extract polyline_vertice.
** For elllipse, center and majorAxis
** For point, pt.
===June 27th===
* More data extracting continue from yesterday.
* Try to start integrating openscad and dxf-g.cc just for circle entities.
===June 28th===
* Run openscad together with dxf-g.cc.
* Implemented circle entities using dxf-g.cc called a openscad function.
** Later the day discussion concluded that this is not the preferred way. deprecated.
===July 1st===
* Added structs for each geometry for storing the data.
* Some minor fixes for original data type point_t.
===July 2nd===
* storing all the data parsed to the respect vectors.
** Except polyline is a bit tricky, not done yet.
===July 3rd===
* Added polyline struct and the storing part.
* Added code for passing circle entity information to openscad and openscad draw it.
** Having trouble with compilation.
===July 4th===
* Added arc, line, points, lwpolyline.
** Still have some problems with lwpolyline.
===July 5th===
* fix lwpolyline.
* Added ellipse.
* Found problem with mesh.
===July 8th===
* Trying to fix mesh
===July 9th===
* Change the structure of the entire code to use the code of dxfdata to fix the mesh problem
* The code still not able to produce the correct polygon yet.
===July 10th===
* Fix the mesh problem and now the code can properly import a single dxf file.
** For some reason, the data is store and fill in the next polygon if the second dxf is imported.
===July 11th===
* Fix the data leakage between document.
* Now the code is passing all the test file except nothing decimal comma and transform insert.
** the reader has an issue with insert entity
===July 12th===
* Trying to figure out how to fix the insert.
* Learning the insert spec from dxf manual
===July 14th===
* Fix the block list and curr_block is not storing value properly
* There is an infinite loop caused by the file offset in the process_enitites_unknown
** It jumps to the previous line but does not jump back
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 15th===
* Clean up most of the commented code in dxf.cc and dxf.h
* fix the curr_block memory issue by using a global variable indx that indicate the position of the block in block_list
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 16th===
* Adding back_file_offset to state_data to have the program jump back
** Still getting the wrong result, the geometries are scattered but shapes are the same.
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 17th===
* replace all memory allocation function related to insert with new and delete
** valgrind now output no error or warning
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 18th===
* Download and build brlcad to test out what's the difference and if it can output the correct result
** There is no problem with the curr_state->file_offset
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 19th===
* Found that the brlcad xform is different than my version.
** Can't figure out why it's different
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 20th===
* Found the BU_LIST_POP actually assign curr_state to the last element of the list
** This fix the infinity loop and remove back_file_offset.
* Continue on fixing insert
===July 21st===
*By switching the push_back and new_state = curr_state this fix the xform problem.
** Insert is fixed but it looks there is an issue with different compiler
===July 22nd===
*Cleaning up dxf.cc, import-dxf.cc, dxf.h.
===July 23rd===
*Finished cleaning up dxf.cc, import-dxf.cc, dxf.h.
* Make [https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/3005 #pr3005] to test in various platform.
===July 24th===
*Fix scale, xyorigin, layername problem.
*Test result [https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/3006]
===July 25th===
* Starting working on spline entity.
* Reading spline related code on QCAD.
* Learning dxf spline entity spec.
===July 26th===
* QCAD is using an external library opennurbs to deal with the spline.
* Reading spline related code on BRL-CAD.
** BRL-CAD code can be implemented on openscad.
===July 29th===
* Replicate and integrate brlcad spline code to openscad.
===July 30th===
* Continue integrating blrcad spline code to openscad.
===July 31st===
* Testing brlcad code with openscad, comparing with brlcad and qcad.
** Creating test cases using AutoCAD.
** Both brlcad and qcad seems to not supporting the spline created by autocad properly due to dxf version problem.
** brlcad encounter segmentation fault with one of the spline test cases.
===August 1st===
* Switch to reading LibreCAD spline related code.
** LibreCAD 2.x version is using their own code.
* Also reading openscad bezier curve related code.
===August 2nd===
* LibreCAD can handle the spline created by autocad unlike brlcad and qcad.
* OpenSCAD code can handle degree 2, 3 normal spline(Beizer curve) properly.
** Starting adding openscad code to import_dxf.
===August 3rd===
* Modified openscad code and integrated it to import_dxf.
===August 4th===
* Testing the spline import of openscad
** Able to import 3 control points for degree 2 spline and 4 for degree 3 spline.
** Fail to generate continuous bezier curve.
===August 5th===
* Trying to figure an algorithm or a way to generate continuous bezier curve like this [https://www.algosome.com/articles/continuous-bezier-curve-line.html article].
===August 6th===
* OpenSCAD is now able to import degree 1-3 spline with certain numbers of control points.
** spline knots, weights, fit points are ignored.
===August 7th - 14th===
* Family trip.
* Originally from 7th-12th, due to the riots in Hong Kong airport and the typhoon in Osaka, flight got cancelled and delayed. ** Due to the typhoon, updated flight time is 16th.
===August 15th===
* Starting working on polyline entity.
===August 16th===
* Rearrange code and fix error in storing polyline vertex in the importer.
* On the flight home
===August 17th===
* Integrate 2D polyline entity to openscad ignoring 3D polyline features and curve-fit.
===August 18th===
* Improve polyline with the spline-fit flag, can generate by both spline vertex and control points.
* Test polyline.
* Add test cases to the test suite.

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