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Daily Progress

Project Info

Project Name Embedding a framebuffer window
Student Name Bogolin Simion Vlad
IRC nick vladbogo
Link to proposal


  • Implementing a new Qt framebuffer
  • Raytracing
  • Embedding a framebuffer window


Community Bonding

  • Studied the existing framebuffer implementation
  • Researched to see exactly what framebuffer functions are called when using the rt command

Week 1

  • Weekly milestone:
    • Start working at the "open" function.
  • 19 May:
    • Started creating a new Qt framebuffer: I started by creating a txt framebuffer that just logs function calls.
  • 20 May:
    • Mostly a break day
  • 21 May - 25 May:
    • In this interval I had my final exams

Week 2

  • Weekly milestone:
    • Make up for the lost time due to exams
    • Implement the open/close functions
  • 26 May:
    • I had my last exam so from now on I will focus on the project.
    • Worked a little bit more on the txt framebuffer
  • 27 May:
    • Worked at attaching the txt framebuffer to the display manager - the txt framebuffer is almost done.
    • Studied the existing "open" functions.
  • 28 May:
    • Attached the qt framebuffer to the display manager.
    • Started working at the "open" function.
  • 29 May:
    • Continued working at the "open" function - it should be done shortly
  • 30 May:
    • Researched how the raytracer uses the framebuffer and attached the new framebuffer to it.
  • 31 May:
    • Mostly a break day.
  • 1 June:
    • Break day.

Week 3

  • Weekly milestone:
    • Finish implementing open/close and start working at the write function.
  • 2 June:
    • Continued working at the open function: created an empty window - the function should be done tomorrow.
  • 3 June:
    • Basically finished the open function - some changes might be needed during the implementation of the other functions.
  • 4 June:
    • Break day.
  • 5 June:
    • Researched the write function and the existing framebuffer implementation.
  • 6 June:
    • Break day.
  • 7 June:
    • Continued researching the write function and how the content is displayed.
  • 8 June:
    • More research, but mostly a break day.
  • Conclusion:
    • Finished implementing the open function and studied existing implementation of the write function

Week 4

  • Weekly milestone:
    • Have content displayed in the window
  • 9 June:
    • Solved a issue regarding the cmake build - I forgot to add Qt_INCLUDE_DIRS.
    • Created a custom window so that it can be easily added content to it.
  • 10 June:
    • Released memory so that the qt_close function is done.
    • Started working at content displaying. Since this is the main aspect I want to do as much research as possible on how to represent the backing store and how to display its content.
  • 11 June:
    • Break day.
  • 12 June:
    • Created and allocated the backing store for the framebuffer.
    • Started working at the write function.
    • Managed to get some content displayed - even though it's far from done, it is a good start
  • 13 June:
    • Continued working at the write function.
  • 14 June:
    • Managed to fix the content display:
  • 15 June:
    • Mostly a break day.

Week 5

  • Weekly milestone:
    • Finish the write function.
  • 16 June:
    • Finished a first version of the write function. Also, tested if more complex models are displayed correctly.
  • 17 June:
    • Started working at the open_existing function.
  • 18 June:
    • Break day.
  • 19 June:
    • Searched for the best way on how to create the open_existing function. Since until now, the functions were declared in fb.h and all framebuffers use the same header, after adding the Qt includes a lot of conflicts appear so a new method of dealing with the open_existing functions is necessary.
  • 20 June:
    • Continued studying how to integrate the open_existing function.
  • 21 June:
    • Break day.
  • 22 June:
    • Worked at the open_existing function.

Week 6

  • Weekly milestone:
    • Finish the open_existing function
  • 23 June:
    • Worked on raytracing from the display manager.