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*Embedding a framebuffer window
*Embedding a framebuffer window
=Progress reports=
*Midterm evaluation report can be found [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Vladbogolin/GSoC2014/Midterm here]
*Project summary can be found [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Vladbogolin/GSoC2014/summary here]
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**Worked at attaching the txt framebuffer to the display manager - the txt framebuffer is almost done.
**Worked at attaching the txt framebuffer to the display manager - the txt framebuffer is almost done.
**Studied the existing "open" functions.
**Studied the existing "open" functions.
*28 May:
**Attached the qt framebuffer to the display manager.
**Started working at the "open" function.
*29 May:
**Continued working at the "open" function - it should be done shortly
*30 May:
**Researched how the raytracer uses the framebuffer and attached the new framebuffer to it.
*31 May:
**Mostly a break day.
*1 June:
**Break day.
==Week 3==
*Weekly milestone:
**Finish implementing open/close and start working at the write function.
*2 June:
**Continued working at the open function: created an empty window - the function should be done tomorrow.
*3 June:
**Basically finished the open function - some changes might be needed during the implementation of the other functions.
*4 June:
**Break day.
*5 June:
**Researched the write function and the existing framebuffer implementation.
*6 June:
**Break day.
*7 June:
**Continued researching the write function and how the content is displayed.
*8 June:
**More research, but mostly a break day.
**Finished implementing the open function and studied existing implementation of the write function
==Week 4==
*Weekly milestone:
**Have content displayed in the window
*9 June:
**Solved a issue regarding the cmake build - I forgot to add Qt_INCLUDE_DIRS.
**Created a custom window so that it can be easily added content to it.
*10 June:
**Released memory so that the qt_close function is done.
**Started working at content displaying. Since this is the main aspect I want to do as much research as possible on how to represent the backing store and how to display its content.
*11 June:
**Break day.
*12 June:
**Created and allocated the backing store for the framebuffer.
**Started working at the write function.
**Managed to get some content displayed - even though it's far from done, it is a good start
: http://i.imgur.com/kEKv6e9.png
*13 June:
**Continued working at the write function.
*14 June:
**Managed to fix the content display:
: http://i.imgur.com/kFaMQk9.png
*15 June:
**Mostly a break day.
==Week 5==
*Weekly milestone:
**Finish the write function.
*16 June:
**Finished a first version of the write function. Also, tested if more complex models are displayed correctly.
: http://i.imgur.com/BqYS7Mr.png
*17 June:
**Started working at the open_existing function.
*18 June:
**Break day.
*19 June:
**Searched for the best way on how to create the open_existing function. Since until now, the functions were declared in fb.h and all framebuffers use the same header, after adding the Qt includes a lot of conflicts appear so a new method of dealing with the open_existing functions is necessary.
*20 June:
**Continued studying how to integrate the open_existing function.
*21 June:
**Break day.
*22 June:
**Worked at the open_existing function.
==Week 6==
*Weekly milestone:
**Finish the open_existing function
*23 June:
**Worked on raytracing from the display manager.
*24 June:
**Break day.
*25 June:
**Created the midterm report that can be found [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Vladbogolin/GSoC2014/Midterm here]
*26 June:
**Processed events so that the output is displayed line by line
**Fixed the upside down drawing problem:
: http://imgur.com/hOIryrt.png http://imgur.com/h3TLREb.png
*27 June:
**Break day.
*28 June:
**Started modifying the fbio interface in order to add a generic open_existing entry.
*29 June:
**Mostly a break day.
==Week 7==
*Time spent preparing my final project
==Week 8==
*Weekly milestone:
**Finish modifying the interface in order to use the open_existing function
*7-8 July:
**Had my final paper presentation. Now I can focus only on GSoC for the rest of the summer.
*9 July:
**Added a new entry in struct dm so that the framebuffer can be opened from libdm. This is necessary in order to avoid using qt code in mged/dm-qt and also can be used for refactoring dm related code from mged folder.
**Added the _qt_open_existing function in fb.h. This is a temporary solution until a final form of the function is implemented. In the end a new entry will be added in the fbio interface.
**Opened the framebuffer from the display manager, but at the moment there are two different windows.
*10 July:
**Continued working at the open_existing function. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the week.
*11 July:
**Struggled more with the embedding of a framebuffer window.
*12 July:
**More struggle regarding the display of raytraced objects from the display manager.
*13 July:
**Mostly a break day.
==Week 9==
*Weekly milestone:
**Finish the embedding of a framebuffer window
*14 July:
**Worked at the actual embedding of a framebuffer window - still couldn't find a working solution
*15 July:
**Did a deeper research on how the existing implementation is done. Still couldn't find a way do display content in the embedded window.
*16 July:
**Break day
*17 July:
**After a lot of struggle, I have finally found a solution that seems to solve all the problems. Hopefully tomorrow there would be content displayed in the embedded framebuffer window.
*18 July:
**After using a QPainter to draw the raytraced content in the existing window, content can be displayed so I am on the right track with the embedding. There still are some fixes that need to be done: when the raytracing is done the drawn content disappears and also a few fixes regarding the position of the drawn image are necessary.
*19 July:
**Tried to solve the problems regarding the embedding so I did a little more research on why the content disappears but with no luck yet.
*20 July:
**Tried to solve the problem regarding the position of the drawn image.
==Week 10==
*Weekly milestone:
**Have a working framebuffer.
*21 July:
**Implemented the configureWindow function.
**Continued trying to solve the problem regarding the position of the drawn image - still no luck.
**Redesigned the write function in order to solve the display problem - there still are some fixes that need to be made.
*22 July:
**Continued working at the new write function.
*23 July:
**Solved the display problem - now correct drawings can be made in the embedded framebuffer window:
*24 July:
**Tried to find out why the image disappears after is drawn in the embedded framebuffer window - more research needs to be done since I haven't found the problem.
*25 July:
**Break day
*26 July:
**Break day
*27 July:
**More research regarding the disappearing of the drawings - found the problem (after the raytracing the dm redraws the entire window and the raytraced content erases in this way) and tried to come up with a solution.
==Week 11==
*28 July:
**Continued trying to solve the disappearing problem.
*29 July:
**Solved the disappearing problem. The framebuffer is almost done - there still are some fixes and tests that need to be made.
*30 July:
**Break day.
*31 July:
**Mostly a break day.
*1 August:
**Made some fixes regarding the embedding of a framebuffer window.
**Tested the embedding with different models - found some problems that need some further investigation (at some point the display manager crashes)
*2 August:
**Investigated to see why the display manager sometimes crashes using valgrind.
**Started working at solving the invalid memory access.
*3 August:
**Mostly a break day.
==Week 12==
*4 August:
**Continued working at the invalid memory access problems - now everything works as expected.
*5 August:
**Implemented the qt_clear function.
**Made the display manager show only non-empty images (after the raytraced content is added to the image)
*6 August:
**Integrated the fb in archer:
*7 August:
**Did some testing to see that everything works as expected including the underlay, interlay and overlay modes
*8 August:
**Implemented the qt_read, qt_readrect and qt_writerect functions.
**Integrated mouse events.
*9 August:
**Mostly a break day
*10 August:
**Documented about colormaps.
==Week 13==
*11 August:
**Started working at qt_wmap and qt_rmap.
*12 August:
**Implemented the qt_rmap and qt_wmap functions.
*13 August:
**Mostly a break day.
*14 August:
**Just some small fixes.
*15 August:
**Added a simple keyboard event
**Written a project summary which can be found [http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Vladbogolin/GSoC2014/summary here]

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