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**I have studied and tried to came up with a solution for framebuffer window embedding.
**I have studied and tried to came up with a solution for framebuffer window embedding.
==Week 12 (2 September - 8 September)==
==Week 12==
*'''Weekly milestone''':
*'''Weekly milestone''':
**Finish archer integration.
**Finish archer integration.
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*7 September 2013:
*7 September 2013:
**Almost finished the event processing for archer. Just some small changes are needed.
**Almost finished the event processing for archer. Just some small changes are needed.
*8 September 2013:
**Finished the archer integration.
**Studied existing frambuffer interface so that I can start implementing a Qt framebuffer.
**Archer integration is done.
==Week 13 (9 September - 15 September)==
*'''Weekly milestone''':
*9 September 2013:
**Did some testing and I found out that the selection tool in archer and the measure tool do not work correctly so I investigated the behavior: turns out the tk click events generated do not had mouse position infos.
**There still is a problem with the measuring tool: after showing the distance and drawing the line, it draws multiple other lines
*10 September 2013:
**Fixed some memory leaks and did some testing.
*11 September 2013:
**Rewritten the event integration using Tcl_CreateEventSource so that QApplication::processEvents is called every time Tcl_DoOneEvent is called and no additional calls have to be made.
*12 September 2013:
**Simulated the non-blocking processing events using Tcl_DoWhenIdle and Tcl_CreateTimerHandler so that the actual archer/mged/bwish code shouldn't be modified at all.
*13 September 2013:
**Made some fixes and added comments.
**Investigated the closing segfault but I haven't been able to solve it yet.
*14 September 2013:
**Mostly a break day but I've continued working to the segfault reported yesterday. Still no luck.
*15 September 2013:
**Added Qt to cmake report.
**Made some cleanups since after the past days changing there were some things that were not needed anymore.
**Added some comments.
**The display manager is mostly done and working.
==Week 14 (16 September - 22 September)==
*Weekly milestone:
**More testing and other fixes.
**Start implementing the Qt framebuffer.
*16 September 2013:
**Started working on the qt framebuffer interface.
*17 September 2013:
**Continued researching the closing segfault.
**Researched the existing framebuffer interfaces and how are they integrated.
*18 September 2013:
**Tried to solve the segfault: gdb + searches in libx and qt code.
*19 September 2013:
**More attempts to solve the segfault.
*20 September 2013:
**Mostly a break day.
*21 September 2013:
**Added new events
**Small fixes + comments
**Started working on project summary.
*22 September 2013:
**Everything seems to work fine.
==Week 15==
*23 September 2013:
**Tried more approaches to solve the segfault.
*24 September 2013:
**Completed final evaluation.
=Project summary=
[http://brlcad.org/wiki/User:Vladbogolin/GSoC2013/qt-display-manager The project summary can be found here]

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