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Hello. I am interested in ray-tracing, and GPGPU. I work on the OpenCL acceleration of the BRL-CAD librt rendering pipeline:

OCL librt TODO

  • Split struct hit in into two structs. One for shot() results and another for norm() results. This will reduce the amount of memory used to store temporary results between stages.
  • Execute prefix sums and reductions in clt_frame() on the device to eliminate round-trips.
  • Refactor code so single-hit and multi-hit don't require recompiling all the sources twice.
  • Cache the compiled binaries so things aren't recompiled on every launch.
  • Quadrics Primitives: HYP, SUPERELL.
  • Grids Primitives: DSP, EBM, VOL.
  • Composite Primitives: EXTRUDE, REVOLVE, PIPE, METABALL.
  • Instancing Primitive: SUBMODEL.
  • Make Phong shader results look 100% similar to ANSI C librt.
  • Don't intersect primitives twice. This requires a dynamic memory allocator.
  • Smarter kernel scheduling for reduce thread divergence. For example coallesce all the quadric intersections.
  • Spatial partitioning (perhaps a hybrid Kd-tree) in order to have early exit on scenes with high depth complexity.
  • UV routines for all OCL implemented primitives.
  • BREP support.
  • BOT plate mode.
  • FASTGEN support (both CLINE primitive and code).

OCL librt Development Status

  • Refactored dispatcher, shoot, optical renderer to process many rays in parallel when rendering an image or block.
  • HLBVH object partitioning builder in C. traversal in OCL.
  • GPU side database storage of OCL implemented primitives.
  • Ported compute intensive or critical parts of the dispatcher, boolean evaluation, optical renderer to OCL.
  • OCL dispatcher that performs the shot routines for a whole frame.
  • OCL rasterizer that does the pixel pushing for a whole frame.
  • OCL lighting modes: Phong, Diffuse, Surface Normals.
  • OCL lighting modes: Multi-hit transparent (Single Stage Render Pipeline only).
  • ARB8, EHY, ELL, EPA, ETO, PART, REC, RHC, RPC, SPH, TGC, TOR shot routines in OCL.
  • Surface normal routines for all OCL implemented primitives.
  • CPU HLBVH BOT shot construction with OCL traversal and interpolated per pixel normals.