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Project plan of Open Geometry Viewer(OGV) under GSoC 2021

No error shown if upload fails

GitHub Description: If due to any reason, the upload of the model fails, there's no error indicating the same.

Proposed Solution: Apply the toast notification in the cfs_uploader.js file from where the models are being uploaded. Also, make sure there is no other place that is linked with this issue.

Email Server Error

GitHub Description: Don’t allow the creation of a user account until the admin has set an email server. A better way is to create a set of settings called required settings and signup/login; nothing should even begin before these requirements are met.

Proposed Solution: As mentioned in the issue, I’ll go for the required settings and stop anything from happening before those required settings are done.

Upload Progress

GitHub Description: Show an upload progress bar when uploading a model.

Proposed Solution: I will get code help from the PR that is already there by someone. If I think there is a need to implement it again on my own, I’ll do it.

Reference: Link to the solution PR

Code linting

GitHub Description: This is a two-step process Lint all of the existing code (JS and CSS) Make sure no non-standard code is added again using Husky

Proposed Solution: Lint all the files using a linting config example: Airbnb. Installing configuration through the VS code extension eslint. Using Husky, check all the code and add that to pre-commit to make sure that the code is following linting config. There are no standard spaces in the file, also it does not follow JavaScript ES6. Linting will help to keep the code in sync with the latest technology.

Remove the CFS dependency

GitHub Description: Collection FS has been depreciated(and recently, the depreciation label was removed). It would be better to move away from Collection FS, and use npm packages directly to upload models. (Can s3 be used?)

Proposed Solution: Get some more details about the task and change the package Collection FS and use the Slingshot package to upload it to s3.

CSS code improvement [Code Quality]

GitHub Description: All of the current CSS code is in one file. Divide it into multiple files and improve the code quality. Discuss possible porting to SCSS.

Proposed Solution: Breakdown CSS into small files related to the specific components. Remove the unwanted CSS and keep the CSS files cleaner. Port all the CSS to SCSS, which will help the CSS to shrink and create some reusable mixins/ variables to keep the code shorter.

Write Tests

GitHub Description: One of the major things required to get the code quality of OGV up is by writing tests for it. As recommended in meteor’s official guide, we would like to use ‘mocha’ and ‘chai’

Proposed Solution: I’ll write the tests to do unit testing for components using Mocha and Chai for BDD/TDD assertions. Mocha is fun to use. I also have a little bit of experience with Mocha.


OGV Mediawiki Plugin

GitHub Description: Idea is to create a mediawiki plugin, that asks wiki admin to enter the OGV server details and allows users to Search for a public model from OGV server Upload modal to OGV (depends on issue #59 ) Embed into mediawiki page. Allow mediawiki plugin to be used without server (OBJ uploads)

Proposed Solution: Get some more detail about the task and learn the new things that are required for the fulfillment of this task. Create a JS function that will allow the user to search for the public model. Users will be able to upload OVG publicly after the Mediawiki oAuth is implemented. It will make the application easy to understand by mentioning which model is uploaded by whom.

Mediawiki oAuth

GitHub Description: Currently, users need to have separate accounts on BRL-CAD site(mediawiki) and OGV. We would like to be able to add login with mediawiki to OGV

Proposed Solution: Mediawiki provides an extension to provide OAuth to the user. There is a tutorial depicting how to integrate an OAuth extension to users. It is easy to do if we get the extension installed on time.


Edit link is not working

GitHub Description: The edit link currently goes to the 404 page.

Proposed Solution: Debug the code in the mode_editor.js file and see why the issue occurred and solve that. Add the try-catch and show error for certain events that are causing an error.

Bring Custom Coloring back

GitHub Description: OGV used to have a custom coloring panel which was removed when we chose to add colors directly from the .g file. However, as we also allow the upload of single obj files, it's worth allowing the users to change colors of different parts according to their choice.

Proposed Solution: Take a look at the old code where it was first introduced. Make the feature of adding color directly from the .g file optional, and provide support for adding custom color.

Auto position depending upon object’s width/height

GitHub Description: Idea is to get the visible width/height of the obj file/files in the scene and make sure they are in the center and zoomed enough. Proposed Solution: Get the coordinates of the model image. Set offset space on sides according to the size. After having the coordinates zoom the object accordingly on the screen. There is a pen on codepen that gives the exact idea to set the object width/height according to the size link to the pen Reference: find the coordinates of image in js

Add Responsiveness to the application (Bonus task)

Proposed Idea: The application is not responsive to different screen sizes. Today, making the application responsive is the basic requirement especially when it’s a web application. From my prior experience, a non-responsive website or web application always has difficulty keeping the user from having a good experience and limits the user to a desktop machine. It ends the sense of having portable web applications. I’ll make the application responsive using the media queries with custom CSS or look for a CSS grid library to make it responsive.

Improve the directory structure and component files structure (Bonus task)

Proposed idea: Currently, the directory structure for the components is messed up. All the components are in the same directory which downgrades the code quality. I’ll improve the directory structure of the components and put related components to a subdirectory and segregate the components. This improvement will prove itself a very useful one while scaling up the application in the future.