June 1-4

  • Explored existing network/graph-based visualizations to form general grasp of ideas
  • Read into Processing documentation to learn programming structure
  • Created basic draggable node setup in Processing to apply and familiarize with the language
  • Began write-up for overall project description
  • Utilized WireShark to begin exploration of network activity and learn about the data which will be presented by visualization project

June 5

  • Finished project summary
  • Read into Dshell documentation
  • Independently continued exploration of Processing

June 8-12

  • Set up Ubuntu VM for Dshell
  • Created simple animations in Processing to simulate data transfer between nodes

June 15-16

  • Explored Processing libraries to determine further resources that can be used

June 17

  • Reviewed command line functions, general shell commands
  • Read into Vim usage/basics
  • Looked through D3 models for design concepts