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  • Name: Suraj
  • IRC nick: SurajDadral

Brief Background Information

I am B.Tech. (2nd year), Computer Science student of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, India. Practiced in writing code in C/C++, Python and used Git, Qt, Django, Make, Jekyll and PySide.

I solved an issue with Rebar Addon and here is merged PR:

I worked on GeoData workbench of FreeCAD and added support for links from popular maps to import OSM (OpenStreetMap) using core functionality of GeoData workbench.

Related discussion:

Merged PR:

Project Information

Project Title: Automate Reinforcement Process in FreeCAD

Brief Project Summary

My project is to automate Reinforcement process by using Rebar Addon in FreeCAD. The idea is to create UI and functions on top of the current implementation to combine different types of Rebars in a single Dialog Box as per the user requirements. For example, combine Stirrups and Rebars (different types of rebars) in case of Beam Reinforcement.

Detailed Project Description

Current Scenario in FreeCAD