User:Stattrav/GSoC2012 log

Revision as of 16:24, 17 June 2012 by Stattrav (talk | contribs) (Updation of the logs.)

17 Jun 2012

  • Worked on the IMAP script. Posted the WIP patch

15 Jun 2012

  • Still stuck, taking help from mediawiki team but that is not solving the issue.
  • Started working on the IMAP sync script.
  • Realized, there should be a log of the emails that have been synced. Read or unread is too naive to handle such a thing. Thus adding a column in the db for the emailid obtained from the IMAP listing so as to check if the file has been archived or entered into the database or not.

14 Jun 2012

  • It still could not be done. Still stuck with the API.

12 Jun 2012

  • Finally have the base code for upload ready. Using the ApiUpload as a base, implementing the feature. Should have it ready by tomorrow.
  • Silly feature but it has taken a lot of time. But I've learnt enough to work on the frontend right away.
  • The loading of the Api is hardcoded for now(the paths and the indexes for the API modules is hardcoded into the mediawiki/includes/api/ApiMain.php and mediawiki/includes/Autoloader.php), still it is not fixed.

11 Jun 2012

  • Initially figured out that Localsettings.php was not being loaded by the api.php. Using reflectionclasses found out why class instantiation was failing. 1. The file was not loadable