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22 August 2012

  • Tried running the bottle app on multi-threaded and asynchronous servers. Tested out Tornado. Currently running on python-paste

20 August 2012

  • Documentation

17-19 August 2012

  • Rolled out the crude website which is hosted at
  • Upload page working on the localhost but buggy on the VPS
  • Documentation
  • Full of bugs, project immature

15-16 August 2012

  • Added views for the plots and configured the output to be presented via the template in the view
  • Made changes to existing folder structure for the Bottle app to run
  • Configured and made a script
  • Source is at
  • Awaiting Dr.Rai's perusal of the patches.

Absavgperfvsimagescomb.png Absavgperfvsimages2.png Absavgperfvsimages1.png Absavgperfvsarchpermhz.png Absavgperfvsarch.png

12-14 August 2012

  • Necessary changes in the db structure for the data needed for graphs
  • Necessary changes to the Parser script
  • Implemented
    • Absolute Performance vs Reference images over various architectures
    • Average Performance vs Architectures
    • Average Performance per CPU MHz vs Architectures
    • Absolute Performance vs CPU over various architectures
    • Absolute Performance vs CPU over various images for specific architecture
  • Forms for comparision between various architectures
  • Three modes of data displayed : text, table, graph
  • Below are some examples of the graphs generated from the data in the database

Perfvsimages.png Absavgperfpermhz.png Absavgperf.png

8-11 August 2012

  • MVC framework using bottle
  • Developed controllers for upload and basic charting libraries
  • Charting libraries : Wrapper over the GCharts by generating and thus embedding the js code

1-6 August 2012

  • More failed attempts at working with mediawiki

28-29 July 2012

  • Implemented a custom form renderer.
  • Results to be integrated.

21 July 2012

  • Realized that simpleforms do not help much and have begun writing the forms natively in PHP.

20 July 2012

  • Still figuring out the forms and the implementation of the actions

17-18 July 2012

  • Playing around with the Simple forms extension. Naive html forms wouldn't help as the action can't be hard coded.
  • It has some issues with mediawiki 1.20(alpha) due to some deprecations in the mediawiki codebase but figured out a few of them.

11-12 July 2012

  • Upload form on the special page.
  • Read up on Google charts embedding. Thoughts on the features required for the frontend.

9-10 July 2012

  • Documentation and fixing the flow. logging cleanup.
  • Frontend

5 July 2012

  • Read up the forms implementation for the frontend of mediawiki extension

3 July 2012

  • Web API set up. Mail has been sent to the mailing list asking folks to submit the logs through the API and mail.
  • Documentation, implement logging through out.
  • Read up about frontend forms for upload and data request.
  • The frontend is being setup through a special page which is the view part of the mediawiki extension.

1 July 2012

  • Setting the demo server up. It is hosted at and that is being configured now for the demo purposes.
  • Documentation of the work

30 Jun 2012

  • Integrating all the things worked on. Testing the process.

29 Jun 2012