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===22 August 2012===
====4 May 2012====
* Tried running the bottle app on multi-threaded and asynchronous servers. Tested out Tornado. Currently running on python-paste
* Compiled the brlcad(r50443) on my new setup of Ubuntu 12.04. Installation went on smoothly when librtserver JDK support was disabled.(I was trying various options during compilation.) When turned on, there were the error of it not being able to find jni.h even though the paths were fine. Looking into it at the moment.
* Could not understand why cmake was looking for STDCXX libs.
* Ran the benchmark on the machine and sent the report to benchmark@brlcad.org
* Started looking into the run.sh script to figure out how it really works.
===20 August 2012===
===7 May 2012===
* Documentation
*Still looking into benchmark script and experimenting with that.
===17-19 August 2012===
* Rolled out the crude website which is hosted at
* Upload page working on the localhost but buggy on the VPS
* Documentation
* Full of bugs, project immature
=== 15-16 August 2012 ===
* Added views for the plots and configured the output to be presented via the template in the view
* Made changes to existing folder structure for the Bottle app to run
* Configured and made a run_server.py script
* Source is at https://bitbucket.org/suryajith/benchmark/src
* Awaiting Dr.Rai's perusal of the patches.
===12-14 August 2012===
* Necessary changes in the db structure for the data needed for graphs
* Necessary changes to the Parser script
* Implemented
** Absolute Performance vs Reference images over various architectures
** Average Performance vs Architectures
** Average Performance per CPU MHz vs Architectures
** Absolute Performance vs CPU over various architectures
** Absolute Performance vs CPU over various images for specific architecture
* Forms for comparision between various architectures
* Three modes of data displayed : text, table, graph
* Below are some examples of the graphs generated from the data in the database
===8-11 August 2012===
* MVC framework using bottle
* Developed controllers for upload and basic charting libraries
* Charting libraries : Wrapper over the GCharts by generating and thus embedding the js code
===1-6 August 2012===
* More failed attempts at working with mediawiki
===28-29 July 2012===
* Implemented a custom form renderer.
* Results to be integrated.
===21 July 2012===
* Realized that simpleforms do not help much and have begun writing the forms natively in PHP.
===20 July 2012===
* Still figuring out the forms and the implementation of the actions
===17-18 July 2012===
* Playing around with the Simple forms extension. Naive html forms wouldn't help as the action can't be hard coded.
* It has some issues with mediawiki 1.20(alpha) due to some deprecations in the mediawiki codebase but figured out a few of them.
===11-12 July 2012===
* Upload form on the special page.
* Read up on Google charts embedding. Thoughts on the features required for the frontend.
===9-10 July 2012===
* Documentation and fixing the flow. logging cleanup.
* Frontend
===5 July 2012===
* Read up the forms implementation for the frontend of mediawiki extension
===3 July 2012===
* Web API set up. Mail has been sent to the mailing list asking folks to submit the logs through the API and mail.
* Documentation, implement logging through out.
* Read up about frontend forms for upload and data request.
* The frontend is being setup through a special page which is the view part of the  mediawiki extension.
===1 July 2012===
* Setting the demo server up. It is hosted at and that is being configured now for the demo purposes.
* Documentation of the work
===30 Jun 2012===
* Integrating all the things worked on. Testing the process.
===29 Jun 2012===

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