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Benchmark Performance Database


This project aims to provide more channels to the users to submit the benchmark logs of their brlcad installations ( via the web API, ftp, scp in addition to the existing channel of email), implement an efficient storage and retrieval of logs (via the database and the archiving of the files) and provide an interface to access the logs via graphical means or otherwise.

Detailed proposal

Development Logs



Issue Timeframe Status
Familiarizing self with the benchmark toolkit and the structure. (May 1 - May 8)
Design discussion: Choice of tools, data to be captured, authentication if required, database design and design documentation. (May 8 - May 19)
Db design, log parser and documentation (May 19 - May 26)
Design discussion: API design, sync mechanism design and documentation (May 27 - June 2)
Web API (June 2 - June 9)
FTP/SCP and IMAP to Queue folder sync (June 9 - June 20)
Design discussion: scripts. (June 20 - June 24)
Scripts (June 25 - June 30)
Design discussion: Frontend and documentation (July 1 - July 6) In progress
Frontend (July 7 - July 20) {Mid-term evaluations}
Design discussion: User end tools and documentation (July 20 - July 27)
User end tools implementation (July 27 - Aug 5)
Integration of the tools developed so far (Aug 5 - Aug 10)
Fixing bugs and consolidating the individual documentation and buffer time (Aug 10 - )


Milestone Date Status
Web API and db schema and a log parser June 9
Functional system for data collection - data collection, data extraction and storage June 30 Being tested at the moment
Frontend July 20
User end tools Aug 5
Integration of every thing. Aug 10