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Project Report : Check Command and Overlaps Tool

The work done for the project can be split into the following parts:

libanalyze function -- analyze_overlaps and libged command -- check_overlaps

 NOTE: This was later replaced with better code by me ;)
  • The main goal behind adding a check_overlaps command was that libged's rtcheck command acted as a wrapper for the rtcheck program, and ran the rtcheck program with execvp command -- this was not desired as the execution was done in a different process.
  • I added the check_overlaps command which had the same options as rtcheck command and the logic behind shooting of rays was done in libanalyze.
  • The overlaps were processed on libged side with callback functions.
  • The submitted patches were committed by Daniel --
  • I was given commit access to the repo :) and I did the following commits:
  • Documentation work related to check_overlaps -- #497

rtcheck based on libanalyze's analyze_overlaps function

 NOTE: This was later replaced with better code by me ;)
  • Since the logic for shooting the rays was in libanalyze function analyze_overlaps.
  • My next task was to refactor rtcheck program to use analyze_overlaps.
  • #495 was submitted.

libanalyze function for grid generation

  • Function that sets the ray starting point and ray directions in a grid form was added.
  • This helped reduce the parameters passed to analyze_overlaps -- all grid related functions and data was passed in two variables.
  • The following commits were done -
  • Later triple grid support and refining was added -

overlaps tool based on

  • One of the main goals of the project was to remove the need of the because it was a bash script it meant it didn’t work for windows system.
  • The same functionality was added with help of a .tcl file.
  • The following commits were done -
  • How it looked: overlaps_tool.gif
  • I started to work on better object selection to make it like the prototype image I created during the application period (image)
  • The following commits were done -

new libanalyze API and check command that uses this API