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Development Logs

Community Bonding Period

  • Read OpenSCAD source and test files.
  • Learnt some important Qt classes used in OpenSCAD.
  • Explore different editors that can be integrated into OpenSCAD editor.
  • Discussed with community about the editor and finalized QScintilla.

Development Period

Week 1

19th May Worked on Detachable rendering window.

20th May Read about QScintilla integration after discussion with community

21st May Completed the task of Detachable window and made a pull request in branch detatchrenderwindow of OpenSCAD.

22nd May

  • Submitted patch for detachable render window, which my mentor said, can be a good addition to
  • Discussed about the integration of editor.
  • Added class Qscintilla and make two separate objects of QTextEditor and QScintilla classes in Editor class.

23 May

  • Removed errors and Added some built in functions of QScintilla class so that its minimal functionality can be seen.
  • Discussed about it with mentors and I got that two separate classes should be made say legacyEditor and ScintillaEditor which will inherit QTextEdit and QScintilla classes respectively and an Interface class Editor will be used to call the functions of both these classes.

24 May

  • Refactored some code and made two separate classes as discussed.
  • More code need to be refactored yet.