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Development Logs

Community Bonding Period

Progress through the community bonding period

Coding Period

Progress through the coding period. Track changes in the current working repo :

  • Week 1
    • 14 May Introduced bindings and examples for primitives : arb4, arb5, arb7
    • 15 May Introduced bindings and examples for primitives : tec, trc
    • 16 May Introduced bindings and examples for primitives : rhc, rec
    • 17 May Introduced bindings and examples for primitives : ehy, epa
    • 18 May
      • Introduced primtive : ell1
      • Going through libged to figure out how the 'in' command works. Edit : Found it, thanks to Cezar :)
      • Reading through the code of the ell primitive in librt to understand how primitives behave at a ground level. There's a lot going on, might take me a while to figure everything out.
      • Sean recommended going through the various READMEs scattered across the code, will start on those too and log progress here.
    • 19 May
      • Introduced the primitive : part
      • Trying to understand how certain parts of the pipe() function have been handled by nmz's code.
    • 20 May
      • Introduced bindings and example for : tor, eto & grip
      • Going through to libged/ to understand how it works? Seems good so far.
  • Week 2
    • 21 May
      • Introduced bindings and example for the primitive : half
      • I've understood how functions
      • We're trying to figure out the ??? in : tcl -> .g . src/mged/setup.c (converts tcl to c commands) -> ??? -> include/rt/db_io.h -> .g
      • I learnt about opendb, which calls the f_opendb() function defined in src/mged/mged.c. to open and create new databases, this will be handy in our pipeline.
    • 22 May
      • Fixed primtive examples for arbx and sph
      • Did mged tutorials 6-8
      • Went through libged to understand how it work
    • 23 May :
      • Went through Hacking-BRL-CAD, I really wish I had found this document way earlier!
      • Couldn't get a lot of work done because of a research paper deadline I'm working on.
    • 24 May :
      • I've started documenting the project so far. The major subtopics I'm documenting are :
        • What is python brlcad?
        • How to setup python brlcad?
        • How do the different parts of the code work?
        • Creating geometry using existing primtives
        • Introducing and experimenting with primitives
        • Further Work
    • 25 May
      • Continuing work on the documentation.
      • I'm still not able to build a page using doxygen, I've dropped a message on Zulip and hope to get it resolved soon :)