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Community Bonding Period (May 6 - May 27)

May 14

Discussed about sharing of mock-up code and prototypes with mentor

May 15

Developed a prototype for gui implementation of multi-tab feature. Prototype1 Code

May 16

Implementing prototype in openscad codebase

May 17

Implemented the prototype in openscad codebase. Made PR #2949. This pr will act as a sandbox for prototyping and sharing of coding with mentor. Discussion about integrating pre-available editing features in all tabs

May 18

Implemented the comment feature using signal dispatcher as suggested by mentor. Made the pr.

May 19

Studying the openscad codebase to look for implementation of saving feature for each tab.

May 20

Implemented the feature of saving of tab contents in prototype code. Main Window name updates on switching tab.

May 21

Discussed about correctness of signal dispatcher.

May 22

Implemented signal dispatcher in a separate class. Made the pr. Discussed about implementation details of multi-tab feature. Decided to implement the feature in a separate TabManager class.

May 23

Studying the openscad codebase for feasibility of implementation of TabManager class.

May 24

Studying openscad codebase.

May 25

Made a prototype project with similar gui features as multi-tab. Implemented those features using with a separate TabManager class as suggested by mentors. Prototype2 Code

May 26

Implement basic gui(opening and closing of tabs) of multi-tab in openscad code. The feature in implemented in a separate TabManager class. Made the pr #2955

Coding Period (May 27 - Aug 19)

Week 1 (May 27 - June 2)

May 27

Discussed about possibility and various method of integration of Simple and QScintilla Editor with multi-tab editor.

May 28

Implemented the code for integration of pre-available editor features with multi tab. There are some issues that need to be handled like checking the undo state, highlighting of error in multiple files.

May 29

Removed support for legacy editor and corrected the keyboard mapping for zoom in/out. Pushed commits cfa32da and 1ad0f53 to pr #2955.

May 30

Corrected the updation of undoState and windowModified. Now these states behave correctly for multi-tab environment. Realised that stl exports and enable status of parameterWidget are not behaving correctly.

May 31

Corrected the behaviour of stl exports and enable status of parameterWidget. Running some basic tests to check the correctness of work done till now.

June 1

Discussed with mentor about behaviour of Customizer widget and animation on changing tabs. Implemented those behaviour in codebase of openscad. Pushed the commits to pr #2955

June 2

Run basic tests on gui implemented so far. Discovered that Find, Find and Replace are not behaving correctly for multi-tab.

Week 2 (June 3 - June 9)

June 3

Correcting the behaviour of Find, Find and Replace for multi-tab

June 4

Implemented the correct behaviour of Find, Find and Replace for multi-tab. Pushed commit 23129ba to pr #2955. Found a bug related to previous implementation of Find. Raised issue #2962. Discussed about implementing save feature for multi-tab and naming of new tabs and tabs that have same file names.

June 5

Studying the openscad codebase for implementation of save features in multi-tab.

June 6

Working on implementing the open feature for multi-tab.

June 7

Removed the option for single file QScintilla Editor. Instead now multi-tab editor will not show tabs in case of single tab, effectively giving the feeling of single file QScintilla Editor. Implemented this feature in multi-tab editor. Pushed commit d594980 to pr #2955

June 8

Continuing the work to implement open feature in multi-tab.

June 9

Completed the work of implementing Open(File menu option, Recent Files, Examples), Save, Close feature for multi-tab. Pushed the corresponding commits to pr #2955.

Week 3 (June 10 - June 16)

June 10

Started testing of code submitted.

June 11

Changed the behaviour of Open and Open Tab as suggested by mentors. Made commits 6a0a1d1 and e3ff4d9 in pr #2955.

June 12

Testing and cleaning of code.

June 13

Done cleanup of code. This includes renaming variable/function, removing redundant function, removing mdi checkbox from Preferences/Advanced, correcting implementation of reload, prevention of double emission of currentChanged signal for first tab. Pushed commits 0e92308 and cdaee5e in pr #2955.

June 14

Implemented the Save All feature. Pushed commit b0c95e8 in pr #2955. Corrected the enabling of Parameter Widget on file load and opening of Recent Files and examples in empty tab. Pushed commits 35e3fe0 and acc3123 corresponding to the changes. Discussed with mentor about the idea of Tab Header spanning the whole window.

June 15

Working on Tab Header spanning whole window length.

June 16

Implemented the feature of Tab Header spanning whole window length. Pushed commits 087359f and c59df44 in pr #2955.

Week 3 (June 17 - June 23)

June 17

Shifted Tab Header implementation from dock widget to toolbar. This toolbar clings to editor dock widget when it is undocked. Pushed commits fd93e57, a50fd61 and 689292c in pr #2955.

June 18

Testing multi tab implementation

June 19

Continuation of testing of multi-tab implementation. Looking and exploring various methods for auto completion feature.

June 20

Going through the codebase at pr #2889 to understand details of auto completion feature.