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==May 20th==
==May 20th==
*Studying Three.js examples of dynamically manipulating the color of a mesh and finding a responsive javascript color picker that works on mobile and all browsers.
*Studying Three.js examples of dynamically manipulating the color of a mesh and finding a responsive javascript color picker that works on mobile and all browsers.
*Looking over previously Submitted PR for updating meteor.js and three.js
==May 21th==
*Moving back home from college.
*Getting familiar with the github issue list focus and possible solutions methods
*Testing out SCSS to learn differences compared to CSS
==May 22th==
*Development computer suddenly stopped updating localhost after launching 3D Modeling Applications and Music (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, iTunes Music Streaming) after work during a break in the day , when attempting to restart/shut down computer operating system ran into a bluescreen and restart to windows update
==May 23th==
*Tried to reinstall windows completely, but my HP laptop with ssd and nvidia gtx is saying I don't have windows license
*C:/ Drive Corrupt when booting up dev computer, worked to transition to cloud development without native java and dev library on local system while
*scheduling computer repair at Best Buy
==May 24th==
*Working on tablet to continue the flow and work
*learning on repository with how I can edit mobile UI
*Development computer getting repaired
==May 25th==
*Working on tablet and mobile UI through learning CSS code and setup on github
*Limited to non development device until repair done
*Constructing cloud development environment to learn while computer getting repaired
==May 26th==
*Working on tablet and mobile UI through learning CSS code and setup on github
*Constructing cloud development environment to learn while computer getting repaired, found API (https://www.theia-ide.org/) and docker  to do full cloud development with local host while computer getting repaired
*Limited options until repair done
==May 27th==
*Working on tablet and mobile UI through learning CSS code and setup on github
*Limited to non development device until repair done
*Trying to get OGV Compiled in the Theia Cloud IDE with Gitpod and Github
==May 28th==
*Succesfully Got OGV Compiled in the Theia Cloud IDE! Kind of buggy/slow in cloud for development but works for now
*Working on mobile vertical screen resolution CSS
==May 29th==
*Working on tablet and mobile UI through learning CSS code and setup on github
*Working on UI, but limited to non development device until repair done
==May 30th==
*Working on tablet and mobile UI through learning CSS code and setup on github
*Limited to non development device until repair done
==May 31th==
*Development device back and ready testing device and getting set up again
*Learning about ZulipChat and learning the best communication methods with BRL-CAD
*Was previously only privately messaging and emailing mentors sparsely to communicate (This was a mistake, I am very sorry for not talking about the sudden computer issues until this day)
==June 1st==
*Development device back and ready testing device and getting set up again with development software and environment
*Studying, doing tutorials, and researching functionality Meteor.js, Three.js, and material UI libraries
==June 2nd==
*Recompiling previous Pull Request with repaired dev environment
*Planning out future updates, checking schedule and looking at issue list
*Realized Authentication Bugs on OGV backend limited a lot with being able to fully see UI functionality
==June 3rd==
*Focusing on fixing Meteor Backend Issues to be able to fix the functionality of authentication and to be able to fix the UI through being able to troubleshoot other pages which require certain authentication clearances
==June 4th==
*Focusing on fixing Meteor Backend Issues to be able to fix the functionality of authentication and to be able to fix the UI through being able to troubleshoot other pages which require certain authentication clearances
*Now combining UI fixes and  authentication fixes and finalizing them
==June 5th==
*Fixed Issue Regarding Meteor Authentication Service Worker Initialization Alert
==June 6th==
*Fixed Meteor Authentication Alert Issue preventing most users from signing in properly after signing up
*Fixed Error Image Loading instead of real image in page initialization
==June 7th==
*Testing 3D object storage due to a BIG issue regarding its persistence on different service workers and accounts
==June 8th==
*Planning to revamp the previous non-persistent mongodb 3d object uploader code due to the 3d objects not loading from the server properly (3d data object persistence issues)
==June 9th==
*Creating a separate cloud storage bucket for OGV Geometry Viewer with Google Cloud CORS setup fixed for 3D files persistence and loading
*Initializing firebase in the code
==June 10th==
*Switching upload process in code to include NEW 3d data upload to firebase storage through anonymous authentication for upload to cloud storage (able to still utilize the old authentication process and transition easily to using other login providers in the future)
*Able to load 3D files from cloud storage when interacting with other profiles and 3d Objects
==June 11th==
*Went ahead and fixed the 404 Page Issue with Meteor Iron-Router
- https://github.com/iron-meteor/iron-router
- 404 Error Page Fix PR: https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/89
==June 12th==
*Working on error being shown when upload fails for 3d object
- https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/63
==June 13th==
*Getting closer to load 3D files from cloud storage successfully with CORS from firebase with meteor.js
==June 14th==
*Fixed 404 Page Issue https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/89
==June 15th==
*Working on https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/53 to fix meteor default admin bug, looking into different ways to generate the randomized password serverside on the backend and not clientside on the frontend (may involve using firebase, but preferably an option which does not require adding additional libraries)
==June 16th==
*https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/62 Looking into the best loading bar CSS to use for the upload bar component on https://loading.io/progress/ and testing out making a custom upload component from it to incorporate in metoer.js client
==June 17th==
*https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/58  Working on CSS code improvements along with making a custom upload bar component from CSS
==June 18th==
*Still Researching into https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/53 to fix meteor default admin bug on serverside without the security being able to be compromised on the clientside. May have to use third party authentication library to help
==June 19th==
*Able to load OBJ files with CORS server settings set properly, now testing and making sure the other default upload file work as well
==June 20th==
*Successfully loading other 3d filetypes with CORS Google Cloud settings, not feeling to well but looking towards submitting a Pull Request this weeknd
==June 21th==
*Successfully loading other 3d filetypes with CORS Google Cloud settings, not feeling to well but looking towards submitting a Pull Request this weeknd
==June 22th==
*Researching Meteor and working on the 404 Fix issue over the weekend
==June 23th==
*Researching Iron-Router to be able to fix the pull request over the weekend
==June 24th==
*Submitted 3 Commits on the PR to recreate the 404 page properly and display it in the right place fixing most of the problem, now the link in the text to go back to the landing page doesnt work half of the time, trying other options
*I added the 404 page template to the error.html because error.html, error.js, and error.css control the 404 pages right now, and not all errors. Errors right now are actually controlled by alert notifications which I have to fix as well soon, because some of them come up at the wrong time, or are too intrusive.
*When researching further into app.js and the relation 404.html has to it, the error.js is set as the default redirect and not 404.html. I believe the error.js implementation is actually set up as the 404 page due to how the set it up in Meteor in app.js
*To quickly solve this, I added the 404.html to the error.js, error.html to not break the routing with iron-router and fixed some style to center the content.
==June 25th==
*Through looking into the parent-child div relationship I was able to find out that the SVG clouds zindex inside the parent div was preventing the href link from working on the text, I went ahead and reorganized the layout for the 404 through centering it and properly creating a new transparent div for the text so it is interactive. This link for the 404 now works 100%
- https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/89/commits
==June 26th==
*Preparing the BRL-CAD OGV library for public hosting to more easily show my mentors
*Creating another internal branch specifically for hosting as a Droplet in digital ocean or a hosted site on firebase (looking primarily into firebase)
==June 27th==
*Realized model loading and and 404 are linked to the same routing, discussing about separating the routing so model loading errors and 404 page are separated the right way.
*Hosting site on firebase, getting ready to share it publicly with BRL-CAD
==June 28th==
*@Sean and some others wanted to see the site public, so I tried to look into an AWS and Digital ocean solution, but when I set up the dependencies and tried to deploy, they wanted to charge me, I tried looking for other solutions during the weekend
==June 29th==
*Looking into another solution for Meteor deployment (ZEIT)
*Setting up ZEIT dependency to try to deploy
==July 1st==
*ZEIT deployment not working because newer v2 version of ZEIT stopped working with Meteor.js + MongoDB deployments
*Had discussion with mentors about deployment, refocusing on backend issues and as mentors advised leave more of the frontend and deployment to mentors
*Refocusing on https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/projects/1#column-2250873 backend issues highly suggested and reccomended by my mentors @Panda @Inder
==July 2nd==
*Opened pull request for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91
* Realized that Meteor.Settings was able to be set external, so I am focusing a solution around that
==July 3rd==
*Working on a better solution for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/files which involves not settings the Meteor.Settings again directly, pulling the previous meteor settings into the solution and organizing the code solution more
==July 4th==
* National Holiday, submitted some more changes for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/files but am reviewing https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits more to see how the solution can be more effiecient
==July 5th==
* Told by mentor that I should use admin@example.com to test the admin account, this was not directly mentioned in the issue, but I should have tested that with the randomized admin password. Looking more into testing the admin example account with the randomized password, but me and mentor are getting "incorrect login" errors so we are refactoring the solution and issue to count for that
==July 6th==
* Working on solution for issue involving Meteor.Settings being properly set, looking into other Meteor Account functions to use on the admin account
==July 7th==
* Found a function to set the password, but trying to understand more about why the initial way was not working with testing and logs to see when it pulls up incorrect password
==July 8th==
* Stuck on why it's not taking the correct password still, doing some more testing and understanding https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/53 with my mentors
==July 9th==
* Taking a break on issue to look at other PR, I'm currently working on https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/89 to find out more where the routing is connected too in iron-router
==July 10th==
* I have fixed https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/53 finally!
Config.json (really settings.json) described in the issue description doesn't really have much to do with the core issue, The main issue consisted of finding a way to get the user Id without knowing the userId at all, finding the admin account and getting the function for setting the password to work to allow the admin to see the randomly generated password each time in dev console to sign in.
What was taking me so long and frustrating me was that it kept telling me incorrect password for the sign in after setting the password multiple ways, but it actually had an extra space at the beggining for the admin password which was confusing me so I fixed that and now everything works
Getting the userId for the admin to set the password or any user when you don't have the userId saved is a bit hard. I had to get the userID from creating logs at a specific place in explore.js when exploring models in the client.
==July 11==
* Panda wanted me to find the user ID in a different way in the code review and refactor the code so it works with "meteor reset" command when the server resets for the admin and test user
- https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits/b81874c23bc7e7ab691a9ba032cf7397de43f64b
Learning how to interact more with meteor database (Accounts & User Api)
==July 13==
* Sister going through major health trauma with lung cancer, looking into other ways to finish the issue while coming home and going to see her for the week and seeing her at the hospital
==July 14==
==July 15==
==July 16==
==July 17==
*Did another big commit to further try to fix the issue
- Refactored and changed the meteor user and admin creation code to generate the password when the user is being creation
==July 18==
*Mentors letting me know that the password should not be set if it already is in server
- Having trouble retrieving non encrypted password from server, looking into ways of unecrypting it and trying to understand how to get it from the server better from
- https://guide.meteor.com/accounts.html
==July 19==
* Researching https://guide.meteor.com/accounts.html to get password from the server
==July 20==
* Trying out a couple of different solutions without installing packages involving checking to see if a password has already been set
==July 21==
* Looking into
https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits/85a0c7a82ce1505c9a338e7263ca0c2994ca4553 it seems like that certain solution also solves https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/projects/1 when making sure user can't sign up until meteor admin is signed in with password on server
==July 22==
* Looking into exactly where the user signs up in accounts.js and putting an logic statement there to check for the user admin email server to avoid the email error
==July 23==
* Enhancing code quality of solution provided for Meteor User Creation with multiple new comments and proper formatting in https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91
==July 24==
* Looking into exactly where the user signs up in accounts.js and properly commenting the code to understand a solution for the email server error in https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/57
==July 25==
* Looking into fixing https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/57 with the email server error through checking if the admin SMTP settings are properly set in the Online Geometry Viewers server
==July 26==
* Looking into exactly how to get the email server information and preventing the sign up/login function untill the email server information has been retrieved to check the required settings variable more dynamically and prevent the error
==July 27==
* Learning more about the mail server rest api in meteor and Mailgun email server to learn more about the SMTP settings and how it's set on the server, finding which api is providing the mail function
==July 28==
* Today is my birthday! Getting a lot closer to learning about a solution for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/57 through
==July 29==
* Moving out back to school. Will be researching https://docs.meteor.com/api/email.html for the vanilla meteor email api without plugins
==July 30==
* Moving out back to school. Looking through Github code for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/57 and finding the signin/login function api for https://docs.meteor.com/api/accounts.html#Meteor-loginWithPassword in relation to the sign in and seeing if I can find all instances the proper sign in function with the meteor server to properly add a conditional statement to them
==July 31==
* Arrived at the move in destination. Am unpacking and temporarily without internet to test the meteor server, looking to see if I can test it offline
==August 1==
* Internet is back online. Updated Dev Log. Submitting another PR to look further into https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/57 . Submitting code quality updates to close https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91
* Formatted a Pull Request for solving the Admin Email Server Error Issue
* In submitting this PR to fix the Admin Email Server Issue, I added a required settings function (isAdminEmailServerOn) to validator.js, doing this will allow me to check Login.js and Signin.js if the required meteor SMTP email settings have been saved before allowing Logins and Signups into the meteor server for OGV. https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/57.
==August 2nd==
* Looking further into reconnecting with Mailgun email server in https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/89/commits/6b62bc7e602aa6b0ffece8f94d2a2c4950d1881c#diff-154cbb884a1c6d0af4d870bac36cb31aR70 with more information about their api with REST and METEOR from https://documentation.mailgun.com/en/latest/user_manual.html
==August 3rd==
* Fixed previous Pull Request for code quality and syntax accuracy:
- Admin Email Server Error PR https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/89/commits/6b62bc7e602aa6b0ffece8f94d2a2c4950d1881c
- Admin Meteor User Creation Issue https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits/06425846802069420e0fe5da42b143e9922d2b4a
==August 4th==
* reviewing code review from https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91#issuecomment-518092734 and looking testing the new solution with meteor reset
==August 5th==
* reviewing code review from https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91#issuecomment-518092734 making sure admin password is set in meteor settings
==August 6th==
* reviewing code review from https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91#issuecomment-518092734 confirming the password is set properly and the solution is working
==August 7th==
* Submitting a PR commit to close this issue https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits/9b28a0d261fff70cf2257b0ce3b6bb7d19f4c74b
==August 8th==
* Finding an open CDN to load a loading bar asynchronously to minimize and eliminate the extra loading.js package bundle download for CSS for loading bars https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/62
==August 9th==
* Researching in the code exactly where an upload to the server is described to show an alert if an upload to the server fails for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/63
==August 10th==
* Looking into THREE.js to learn how to accurately get the auto width/heigh ratio for https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/issues/66
==August 11th==
* Submitting a PR commit for settings in Meteor.settings the new adminPassword https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits/61f7392eb02d72fbc59349d976d14716f78a257f
==August 12th==
* Learning from code reviews from the previous commit. Looking into removing the unwanted files from the email server commit. This PR should only contain validator.js, signup.js, and login.js, but it has files from the PR before it got renamed which I must look into removing. This may not be possible without deleting and readding the files from the branches, closing the PR and creating a new one, or matching the commits on the files to be the same as the other PR so it does not conflict
==August 13th==
* Going through trial and error with the command line interface for git and github. Having issues with redacting a file on github with git CLI, researching into merging local and remote branches with git CLI instead. May install a plugin for VSCODE with a different github CLI to more easily complete this operation.
==August 14th==
* Going through trial and error learning and using the VSCODE command line interface for github to merge the branches on the PR's, is giving errors and warnings about the changes deleting the previous commits. Trying to solve both PR's without deleting any files. May have to just match the files in both PR's to avoid conflict if merging the branches locally and remotely does not work.
==August 15th==
* Before matching the branches, working on implementing a more final solution per the new review given on https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91. Looking into making sure this solution works every time the meteor server runs.
==August 16th==
* Implemented the solution after testing, now making sure the branches from patch-1 and development match before commiting to both Pull Requests to avoid conflicts
==August 17th==
* Resetting Git Locally on computer after dealing with local file path errors when trying to commit. Uninstalling the VSCODE plugin CLI for Github, and installing the official new Microsoft Github CLI for git and not the vanilla git cli
==August 18th==
* Taking a break for 2 days to be with sister after her surgery for lung cancer.
==August 21th==
* Logic change for account.js for Meteor Admin User Password Pull Request
* https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV-meteor/pull/91/commits/8a2748cbf7f5b472f6d472a175daa97760d34437
* Matching Logic change commit with account.js on the other PR on branch patch-1 to avoid any conflicts with merging and closing both pull requests.

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