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Name: Sameer Pujani E-mail address:

IRC username: pujani Phone number: +91 98767 53998

Brief background: I am 2nd year undergraduate IT student at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, India. I have already done some work on college project of “ERP system” using PHP. I am interested to do work on Open Source, Shell Scripting, C/C++, HTML5, CSS, JS and PHP. I am also working on wordpress plugin of “Syllabus Management System”.

Project Title: Materials Database.

Brief Project Summary:

This website would provide a comprehensive means for specifying, storing, importing, export, and reusing material properties.

Detailed Project Description:

Quick review of present state and codebase of project:

I have tested the project by cloning from BRL-CAD github. I have also read the previous logs of BRL-CAD IRC. I have many improvements in mind which I listed below. This project is working in PHP. There is some drawbacks in the current project which are discussed below:

Interface :


User Interface

Improvement in Searching

Improvement in Import/Export

Login by Gmail/Facebook

New Features :

Add Stepcode in this project

Add this project facility with BRL-CAD Desktop Application

Improve the code and provide the resusability


Front end

I have seen the current front end and I experienced that it is not much user friendly and well styled. I wish to improve it and add some more features.

Searching: By different options like property wise, date-time wise, user wise.




BRL-CAD desktop Application:-

Add the interface on desktop application to fetch the material property form website and provide more features like:-

add update show search I also want to add stepcode facility with this project so this project is communicate with step code.

Login with Social Media like Facebook, Google .

Development schedule:

Community Bonding Period I will get myself familiar with the code and also study / learn MediaWiki through its documentation.

Also talk to MediaWiki persons for suggestions on the implementation. Talk to BRL-CAD people about the adding removing of features from this proposal to work on.

Week 1 to 3 Understand the code, Improvement the user interface using Paging, Searching.

Week 4

Add color of materials, store hexcodes in database.

Week 5 to 6

Integrate the Gmail and Facebook or Open ID system

Week 7



Week 8

Searching and show the data from BRL-CAD website to the Software.

Week 9 to 10

Add the Update and Graph features in BRL-CAD desktop application.

Week 11

Do work on Debugging and Testing.

Week 12 to 13

Make the User and Developers Documentation.

Review the all project and to do some pending work.

Time Availability:

I will be available for 35 hours/week however this is flexible.


I have been searching from last year for the projects which match my skillset. This Project is very matching with my abilities so I want to work on this. Also I have studied a subject called Computer Graphics this semester and I am really attracted towards BRL-CAD community since it is a great community which works on graphics. Also making a project for American Army is kind of honor as it may help the defence forces to maintain peace in the world.

Why me?

I have too much interest in Open Source as people here help / teach / play /interact with each other and working in this way is fun. So I wish to pursue my career also in Open Source. Why me? Because I have worked on Wordpress a lot and I saw MediaWiki is very similar to it. I am state level champion in technical event “ERP System”. I stood first in two competitions.